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  • Post Bonk2


    The peoples have natural self-disassembly periodicity at birthday moment and the member of family or spouse was dead; we did not expect it but thats fixed occasions. That occasions we do not wish but its are happened like when commemorated or attended to funeral home, …

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  • Post Bonk


    Imagines each-of-us is like a container. Its always filled burden when come and gone. Have a container never be unloaded after arrived at a destination? But why the human forgot to disassemble at self until the destination ended. Why the people do not give concern …

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  • Post Dua

    Two Families

    Religion was the place to release of disorder personality in two families because the husbands were unemployed. One family was Islamic family other was Christian. Religion may be different, but no one is safe in the problem. The problem begins when each husband lost his …

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  • Post Prok

    Other Intelligence

    In Indonesia, if you have no proud-achievements, also don’t dare being a paid-killer or a drug-dealer, don’t worry as long as you have ‘provocative intelligence’ you will still be able to exist but on the false self-pride. In the western world where the level of …

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