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Big Mouth Fish


Your writing is awesome, gentle and the questions come on me how to write. I usually respond to an expression of praise or admiration of the writings or my struggle with the same statement, “I am a lady of mountain.” I always said like that, probably with the intention of humble but remained tucked away in my heart a pride myself because the innocent trusting that readers are really serious and sincere praise. I pondered this all again while writing this article.

What Fish Was I?
Writing is the search for self fish bones from the tail and before getting to the point of thinking ‘small brain’s fish’, some people may have already found the fact that I was a big mouth fish, I was the salted anchovies which often raise blood pressure with my talking ensnare and eventually we are happy many people finally came to the encounter that I was Nemo the kind fish but a rebels.

The Arrogant Hammerheads Shark and The Ferocious White Shark
Apparently, many are beginning to discover, I was a a pompous hammerhead sharks or ferocious white shark, “Oh, brothers and sisters please forgive me, I had to eat all of you, because it took a life,” said the two sharks that same mentality. Then a fisherman who had suffered the gadgets and advanced fish catcher, who usually catch clams and small rill with net, his motivation was exposed by advertisements and he changed drastically and he began to catch the very famous shark fin with the super expensive. “Got it! I will make you an expensive restaurant meal. ” The body of a giant white shark without fins was dumped back into the sea, two then thousand sharks, submerged and die needlessly on the seabed, then dollars soon hovering over his ship.

The another sharks have always believed that life in the ocean is always rotated, nothing useless, seeing his friend dead in the bottom of the sea and sea louse, sea predator ‘carrion-eaters’ began to gobble up until it finally finished. All came back as it was before, fish skeletons were eroded by ocean currents and brought ruminations on the fishes ever captured sharks. The sharks look at that still doesn’t get there, they exchanged glances and said, “It turns out there are more savage, huh?”

Get Motivation & Keep Writing
Get rich quick, get famous fast, well known as a promotional tool, spreading a perverted doctrine or dogma is the motivation of some writers who were still near its tail, which knows, who knows, could have been a book best selling and we know what happened? Before they finished tracing their bone’s fish and may be justly to the belly full of food that has not been unravel, their head had exploded first.

Its okay, do not tremble and do not stop writing because there is an author of the latter, she wrote just wanted to share the message that nature’s Kingdom is so wonderful because it contains flowers, inviting people have a hope like a child who is praying that the lights soon turn on or run out of FUEL because of the conflict regulation is immediately sent. Always hope that the morning star still falling in the afternoon.

All Valuable Story
The unfortunate shark story could be I replace with the neighboring birds story that stolen at the lights turned off may be has a correlation and not correlated. It is sometimes not point. This is strangely literary world. I think, keep writing with all intent before the head blow up minds. The writing there is nothing to read, publishers refused it but be sure as well as sharks also believe there is a period of calm flow and stream rampage, all will end up including the market an author, because the actual writing is simply to find this self what kind of fish?

From now on, don’t be dizzy to know the techniques of writing, keep writing from bottom heart and basic of the purest motives.



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