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In education field I also found the vacancy of Christian’s teachers were being left deliberately in government schools and they got learning room as is. The students of non Moslem experienced intolerance and discrimination time by time with no improvement. Intolerance and discrimination in this context denote a part of violent islamization.

The victims said can not pay teacher no budget from state. As soon as heard directly I’m thinking how portly RATS ‘corrupter’ who had moved money to another pocket. Even we got a school where the Non Moslem parent community each other help to seek teacher to Ministry of Religion, make donation together to renovate ‘storeroom’ become religion learning class and they also provide severance pay of teacher until today.

Deliberately the school did not report to related governmental education affair in province or to Ministry of Religion with various trump-up irresponsible reason. If it was reported won’t be solved soon also. Is can be happened at Christian teacher and in the school in the big city, that very possibly happening towards the Budha and Hindu teachers in suburb or village right?

Islamization in government is also happening is other fields until today. Discrimination, intolerance, and violence (verbal, text, behavior, and policy) are one paper of money at Islamization that hurt our human rights. I’m often concerned if heard their struggle to get the justice. In location far from media eyes is more sorrowful. A civil servant is able to get higher position if became a mualaf. My friend told me his father assigned as a Head of Department had been canceled because his father won’t convert to Islam. Then I think the story will be different if there is money.

Particularly at permission affair islamization is also happened. There is a friend became mualaf suddenly. I guessed this was scenario at the beginning. I knew he was made difficult to get permit on his business. My presupposition was right, no longer the permit released at some months after and somehow he was not Moslem anymore he said when I asked again. How can be fast?

Even more chaotic in the court. At first I didn’t believe when my relative family who had related legal case said to me that the Indonesia’s law not only can be bought by money but religion also. He was asked to converted to Moslem if wanna wish the decision of judge lower then lawsuits. They use same modus, he was be sure thats just mask, even there is had a broker. Only needs a photo with Moslem cloth and enclosed a letter of conversion then spread in media. He had known will face public opinion and will be food for radical people moreover he is Chinese. He decided ignore it.

At last I so believe that practice and deed of islamization in court has been happening since long time ago until now because my friend an activist reported me like this case. She used ever handled a non Moslem guy impregnated a Moslem girl. He wants to responsible his deed but he rejected to convert his religion becoming a Moslem. A girl sued him in court at rape accusation because was under pressure while they did it freely enjoy each other. In the court, a man was begged to make signature to be Islam to get free of allegation. Finally he signed a conversion religion to Islam letter and truly he was freed! After that he and his girl got marriage in Islam way, but when a chance to run from difficulty he and his wife escaped to Jakarta. Now they of both had converted in to that man’s religion.

Tabulation of islamization in governmental field divided four models where 4 factors providing value on ‘event’; (a) Non Moslem, (b) Mualaf, (c) Rich money and (d) Poor money ‘no money’ and each model at least had 2 factors.

  • Model A: Non Moslem and rich money so the matter is smooth (decision maker or the authority owner is not rare become factor).
  • Model B: Mualaf and rich money so the matter is the most smooth (decision maker or the authority owner is not rare become factor).
  • Model C: Mualaf and poor money so the matter also can be smooth (decision maker or the authority owner become important factor; overdose of religion in leader or influencer).
  • Model D: Non Moslem and poor money so keep to pray to get miracle.

So the summary of islamization penetration by subject because there are money lover ‘broker’, overdose of religion group in decision maker or influencer and the party had interest.

Or with other words in islamization process in governmental field has happened money-religion exchange, politicization of religion, trap, threat and fear (towards changing and that’s threat).

In politic, religion will be traded openly. DKI election was it’s climax. Religion taken hostage as politic weapon. Its very sad the actors confessed the follower Islam. For beast politician and elite ‘the power hunger’ about the faith and surrender to God are nonsense. DON’T BELIEVE THEM! The power to get wealth. The wealth will buy democracy so the power is timeless for them.

Islamization in government and politic done by a tiny group ‘provokator’ the people felt are virgin by their opinion, feeling representing God, trouble maker, overdose of religion, hater and had poor mental and the hypocrites. A part of getting influence by Arabian flow other by khilafah. Why did they do because the diversity is their treat. They are being burned in the hell when saw his colleague, neighbor, and around are different.

As personally I send my deepest sympathy to the all victims and you all are the unknown hero of the integrity of God’s creation keeper. I censure the violence in religion spreading and no anymore the religion become to commodity. The earth netizen must had the same responsibility to maintain the integrity of God’s creation. I pray to the all parties who has been building the concord and mutual understanding and especially to the Moslem people who has continuing to bring Islam rahmatan lil ‘alamin to the world will get the strength in order our peaceful world.

We must together to make sure no anymore the spreading religion by undignified ways. Its insult that religion itself and insulting the God. The most effective to spreading religion through our daily behaviors and deeds. Be sure God has power to touching beyond human. Once time getting God’s touching that human can grow through his religion—religion will be useful for himself and mankind. Hoping this writing can bring benefits and we together can be reminded do not act more then Creator.



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