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Hijab & Pekaes


The movement of wearing a headscarf does not just appear in casual. Around 1980, the encouragement of female students to wear headscarves increasingly peaked after participating in training held by PII Jakarta, Salman Mosque ITB or other institutions. Veiling is indeed part of the training programs of these institutions.

Based on the research of M. Syamsudini, M.Ag, the external thing that has been mentioned which had had a lot of influence on the appearance of headscarves in state schools was the Iranian Revolution which occurred in 1979 where many thoughts of Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimin entered Indonesia via the books that their figures translated since the 1970s. Its were socialized through training held by campus mosques, such as the Salman Mosque of ITB through the Exercise of Mujahid Dakwah (LMD) led by Ir. Imaduddin Abdul Rahim and the Masjid Al Falah IPB which became the forerunner to the establishment of the Tarbiyah movement.

The Tarbiyah Movement was behind students who struggled to get the right to wear headscarves in state schools which big bang in 1980 or two years before the publication of SK and 052-1982 by P and K about school uniforms. The Tarbiyah movement transformed into PK later; PK is “Pekaes” (one of an Islam Party in Indonesia).

It is reviewed based on manuefer of Pekaes, this party is very brilliant ‘selling religion’ as a political commodity. They entered to the joints of schools, campuses, mosques, goverment, and in the pockets of the community to RT/RW (Neighborhood group) in accordance with the Tarbiyah Movement. Also read: Tarbiyah Movement.

Unwittingly, the hijab is a very shrewd way of Tarbiyah Movement that has been played by Pekaes until now. Since thirty years ago, Pekaes have succeeded in carrying out mass cadre regeneration, which at one time they just swipe the matchstick, then passion of religious community will immediately burn to defend their interests, such as the issue of Christianity blown by them in 2004 and the blasphemy case by Ahok; so what we witnessed today regarding the passion of movement 212 is not the immediately movement that dropped from the sky.

But the next question that is the fields will always be harvested continuously? The rest of the harvest has gone while no planting season anymore is my answer because the time has changed. The 19th century they believed to be the milestone of the Islam rising otherwise the 21st century was a milestone of rising sanity. So, likes proverb saying they catch the wind if they stay to force because the fields are tired, the land is not soft to be planted with ‘radical’ ideas again; everything that does not build harmony with the universe will be crushed by the time and gone without a trace.

Another question tickles me is the reason underlined them so that Indonesia needs to have an Islamic Awakening in the 19th century? At that time Indonesia was entering “The New Era” (Orba) and the Islamic population reached 98%. DI/TII, the prohibited Islamic organization has been successfully crushed, does the Islamic revival like they mean a hidden rise of DI/TII?

Looking at the 2010 statistics, the Indonesian Islamic population actually dropped to 86%, so it seems wrong in the rise of Islam they want through the Tarbiyah Movement. The first, it was too exaggerated to cover up ‘the lust’ which breaking in the middle finally with the “Cow Scandal” by their chairman, the second, Tarbiyah Movements displaying the spirit of Islam aggressor had gotten considerable resistance from non-Muslims where it might have produced a kind of rescue movement or protection that create sympathy and the three, the spirit of aggressor in their charges did not characterize Nusantara Islam carried by the trustees so that they also received resistance from Muslims themselves such as NU and Muhammadyah.

Some of us may just realize that the phenomenon of state schools wearing hijab does not just happen! There is interference from party’s accomplices can be accepted by our common sense. At the school level they using hijab propaganda and at the college they brainwash students. Like a continued post widely in social media from a student who had been indoctrinated, finally, she realized. She unboxed they were using all method like hypnosis, being fed with hatred to burning Islamic passion, being forced to leave family and having to pay tribute.

What kind process we can imagine would be faced by our children in state schools that obliged hijab if we are still hesitant to take a stand. Also read: Kontroversi Jilbab.

Therefore the government needs to start tracing the track record of teachers, school principals, and related sections who forcing hijab. The government can start from schools that most openly obliged hijab and make various derivative regulations as well do mapping whether they are directly and indirectly related to HTI, Pekaes or other prohibited organizations. The government can apply sanctions in accordance with the civil servant regulations which they are prohibited from affiliation to any party.



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