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God’s Reward?


I almost fall asleep when reading a news from BBC-Indonesia about Orang Rimba Jambi has been forced to embrace Islam and facilitated by FPI. This news making me woke up from bed.

Their action was so ashamed, Orang Rimba were brought via a truck, were given prayer rugs, jilbab and kopiah then asked to read 2 sentences shahadah. By report said in order to get ID card. We must be ready and do not be surprised if suddenly we get a news of Orang Rimba to be members of discontinue demos and shouting “Kill Kill” and takbir Allahu Akbar at once!” whilst as we knew they are very afraid at the tree. Orang Rimba is full of pity to knowing they were under controlled the people who overdose of religion and no one care of us.

A few things to become our focus based on this occurrence and we all the lover of peace and unity with no distrust each other should cooperate to make sure no single event anymore of spreading religion with confiscating the one’s liberty.

At first, human modern is so egoistic, sanctimonious creature and felling free of false person so demeaning the others belief and the way of Orang Rimba’s life easily. Their belief have been exist long time ago before religion and modern civilization coming. God in their concept more liquid and directly actualized in daily life. Imagines this is incredible thing if they are able to be afraid at the tree so absolutely they will more respect to the glory of life and creation. At least never heard they eat our tax and taking people’s energy with demos.

They only want to have their forest back. It means the government has opportunity to give bigger role to protect forest to them. Ideally government can think a tolerant ‘sustainable’ idea towards their culture, belief and way of life and let Orang Rimba stay in forest with some adjustment conditions of course. Likes forestry and environment base education, help a fulfillment of life needs, health and cetera. Government should map the root problem before acting and must be sterile of islamization issue.

Secondly, when reading had been facilitated FPI, I was furious immediately. Where is NU? The Minister Ibu Khofifah gave gratitude statement, “they knew God now” she said. We keep her gratitude and thrown back with a question is God or satan praised if one day Orang Rimba shouting “kill in the name of God”.

The human only may to show a way not seizing liberty. What does FPI know about human right? What does FPI know an enlightenment? If FPI show the way they will wash their brain. NU must stop misleading doctrine about the emergency war and kafir’s blood is HALAL. NU must add extra team work in big number from civic participation as soon as possible if want to stop it.

Third, related with my concerns to security, conflict, violence and intolerance, I had many cases to be addressed here. I just want to say spreading religion like this model is very ineffectively from all angle and harming Islam alone at all. Perhaps the Islamist moderate like NU overwhelmed heading them hence needed the civic participation especially from people who bringing a peace must help each other. NU can not handle all issues.

It was proofed at Moslem’s population growth is precisely decline. Population Islam keeping drop from 90% to 80% in one decade even will decrease until to 60% as a trend. It’s mean if can not stop the process of islamization Nusantara via violence, forcing and blood it will bring misfortune to Islam alone. Islam still must fight the global radical Islam in the world.

The fourth, violent, forced and menaced ways only plant seed on the rocks. How seed can grow on it? The seed died the weeds grew. The process of human finding his God had a mystery journey that is belong to God. The religion can bring human to the hell if the discovery was intervened and facilitated by misguide parties.

Through this wall, I criticize and encouraging all elements be aware! Including non Moslem because we influence each other beyond religion and geography. Need to campaign “STOP SPREADING RELIGION WAYS THROUGH FORCING AND VIOLENCE”. This disavows our humanity. The religion not promote offense of human right! Violence and forcing way will not get salvation and blessing from our God.

Unbelievable! This is a counterproductive to God’s dimension would be promoted right? They are spreading God or what? How it could be happened to deliver something on scared through the dirty way? Where is the exact of God’s reward? I think God will come up to fight them if we all do not encourage the changing.

And why they always use something the opposite of God to speak about God? I just become to think a three theory that religion was embraced by peoples who had trouble are breaking that religion, experienced self-developing or nothing happened.

All thing happened to other please reflect to ourselves in order we can have the proportional disposition!



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