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Rights and Destiny


That doesn’t about destiny otherwise about a women’s right to reach happiness! It’s also a matter of life-intelligence in determining attitudes that will affect the future. For a woman, self-recognition is far more important than trying to deepen a man’s decay.

The women must know their strengths and weaknesses firstly so that they can use their strengths sincerely and positively to increase their happiness and not allow their weaknesses to break themselves, especially are utilized by troubled men.

The weakness of a woman is to let herself be overwhelmed by her feelings, too weak and easy to believe sweet words.

This is the message from a woman who has pursued the beauty of life for women who will achieve happiness: Because life is what mind decides so life should not be controlled by feelings!

At first of all the problems of a woman’s unhappiness came from a relationship. The women are very close and very different from men in their bonding with relationships. An example of how easy it is in a woman’s body to have an ecosystem to give birth to live is evidence of women are very closely bonded to a relationship. The relationship is the lives of women. Although there are women often are labeled ‘materialistic’, but the happiness of a woman lies in a relationship actually if explored deeply.

Healthy relationships will create a happy life. Honestly, this is most important for women. The meaning of healthy relationships both parties are free from severe psychological illness. Severe psychological illnesses such as aggressor, physically abuse, irresponsibility, and less commitment. The roots of the disease are all very likely coming from “poor love”.

Because we are discussing the happiness of women regarding men, so more or less if you met or are living with a problematic man, most likely the relationship between he and his mother is also problematic.

Poor love case would possibly affect hardly in a person’s life in the future if getting not healthy child-mother relationship than to the father-child relationship. Have we heard of children’s problem are a mother’s problem?

So, if you already know a man you’re looking for is suffering from “poor love” and still choose him, then get ready to be exhausted! You must be able to analyze: physical tiredness can be cured easily, but not to an exhausted spirit, be aware! If you mate with him, your marriage can be a source of disaster one day! Ponder it carefully before stepping and using your brain not your feelings!

Shared happiness will only be achieved if both parties have the same sensitivity or can make balance each other—that’s the nature of love. Actually, the nature of love only to give! If the two parties give each other, of course, there is no one who lacks love especially waiting to be given love until they died of exhaustion, right? I feel it’s difficult if one party suffers from poor love to achieve it. Poor love of men would make women as ‘angel’ or at least being ‘humanitarian workers’ in a relationship.

Your choice depends on how strong your mind is working to control your needs such as an obsession with love is too big, misunderstood about sex is love, making sex so he must be your husband (an old-fashioned mind), get pregnant before married, the desire of someone in your life (suffering of loneliness), economic support you might need because you have burden, other fears or maybe a silly excuse to be a hero to improve him or able to support him because maybe his struggle was included in your dream list too. But if you need a loyal man is a fixed price! Who doesn’t want to get a loyal man?

The people who are poor in love must be thirsty for attention. He will be very focused on himself, in other words, he is difficult to get out of him. In the concept of love to gives that he searches love to get love in order the hollow in himself filled. So, don’t expect such a partner will give you a surprise or buy your favorite food while he dug as much as he wants without remembering you were starving.

Do not think too much he’ll design happy days for you! If he only has no affair you are relieved of one burden. That’s the point he only focuses on serving himself; that is the characteristic of thirsty people of love.

He focuses on work if working is a tool to achieve satisfaction. He will focus on spreading charm and becoming a mellow man so he gets satisfaction from women who feel sorry for him; the cheating seeds began to spread from him.

If there is no man who is wicked, I don’t think there will ever be a woman who dares to take advantage of him. Satisfaction by satisfaction he pursues unconsciously upon your suffering.

Your presence which he said will be the latest chapter and the most beautiful is the writing of a poet whom he quoted to make you blooming when introducing phase. Never believe a man’s mouth! Men’s instincts are thinking, doing and working rather than talking. If a man is more talkative, you need to be careful with him especially in sweet things.

Anyone who is poor in love has enormous potential to cheat you one day I think. This kind of relationship is not safe and unhealthy because if there is a trigger and an opportunity, the affair will stick out and live like in the hell. For women who crave the loyalty of a man that’s a strong warning to you.

Living with someone who is poor in love will require child caregiver of you in an adult context. You must also be persistent and so patiently let he be filled with your love, but the problem is he will never feel be full.

Before the process of self-discovery occurs in someone’s life, that person will not go anywhere; the matter of self-discovery is a very very long process buddy and not everyone has the fate of experiencing it until death pick-up us.

One more thing to be remembered that this is an unconscious level of psychiatric problems. No one can able to cure it if no awareness and strong intention to become a quality person in a relationship.



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