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Remembering Nero remembered my father for an accomplished interpersonal relationship. It was not a top hero of relation none ruin. It was quite good for a normal relationship. Plus minus it has been giving meaning in my rest live.

My father had passed away more than a year ago and Nero had died as a hero of warehouse keeper since 20 years ago.

The pet lover who really care of animal was absolutely had close relationship with his animal. I used had a pet also, a dog not a bird. Caused so many cases I got forced separated of my puppies, I decided no more to have dog until now even that wish I always had. My son whined me to maintain a dog but be always no I said like my father’s reason did not want to get trouble.

I used had a lot of dogs. At one moment our house fulled of complete team football of dog. Beginning from one dog named was Meli. Meli always gave more than 10 dog “pieces” of babies in each pregnancy. A “piece” to say her babies were very small like 5K IDR price of sausage bottle. Keep in mind of Meli giving a pity to Meli from me so much. Where were they? Some dogs had become nutrient to people who fancied culinary dog. Nero was my lasted dog but did not Meli’s son.

Now I focus to remembering Nero. A dog in white hair but black in head. Nero and I had very close memory. My friend asked me what was Nero type dog in a while, in direct I said kampong dog made her no question.

One day Nero was forced by my father to kept warehouse of a neighbor, Yes my father didn’t want trouble. A drama to hold wriggling dog when I came home from office becoming routine job for my father. So when I was at street near house, Nero had tracked my coming. He will run crazily back to front of house never want to stop until caught me. After I was at gate of house, Nero would be showing an welcome attraction for his boss noisily. He could make the double fasts of run. It ever the onions and hots of my mother jumping on the floor caused of busy Nero.

My father dealt it at firstly opening padlock of gate, then soonest holding Nero with be strong, I was hurry up came in home and half-run to my room and locked the door. Nero got hands off of my father. In that second be free Nero would chased me to the room. I ever experienced Nero faster than I to reach room and be late locked the door, Nero got breakthrough in room so what was going then? A hug he got torn stocking I got! The price used of one pair of premium stocking was so expensive at that time, similar with 10 liters gasoline; it was exactly like in sinetron making at noon which I, my father and Nero were the best actress and actors.

But when it had sun I backed to house, unbelievable I didn’t get acknowledgment of Nero, he had been taken my neighbor apparently. I was very angry with my father when I knew it. I did closed mouth to my father for a few months.

Year of 2017 before ends. I just think again for about that passed relationship. I and my father and between us there was Nero. Perhaps there misunderstanding between us. It may be the problem wasn’t caused of holding Nero but he thought my money spent for stocking or my father was afraid I would get bitch. A tiny decision had come in my heart; Nero had given contribution of formed nearness between our relation. I am sure it!

To become my present thinking for my relation with my son. Sometime my son often repealed to visited my sister’s house in Jakarta just want to meet their dog, Sora. Sora was very grumpy, small but hot and so funny. Sora would like met old friend when saw my son.

Nurture the animal, plants or anythings needs energy. Many or least stays a something be given [if not us or assistance done] with no forcing our pets pay back us. If keeps dead stuffs they can be like our wish. Having pets will give soft skill of ours growing much. For example myself had taken many enjoyments, appreciations given by Nero had helped my self in caring building towards my surrounding.

Would these experiences of like coaxed meal to dog or gave medicine when dog stomach ill, hectic moment when showered Nero, morning exercised accompanied by Nero and got welcoming presented by Nero I let my son has it? When Nero listened my heart, togetherness eating cucumber, watched movie until asleep in plastic chair, joking, laughing, anger, being more patient, more diligent, felt sad, and be proud will I let become his?

As if I can be more simply about consequence concept of hassles as result of the son needs an experience may be between us have a dog also in next year 2018. A dreadlocks dog likes dog of FB’s boss I think is quite awesome.

Happy New Year 2018. Keep Simple.



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