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Ice Cream & Newton


Every day we will meet people who was different with us. From there we might find badness and goodness we have in some of the people we meet. Then we say that person is very crappy whereas this self we mean is crappy or praise that person back when this thirsty self praise.

Then the meaning of it all? Should we sleep and forget about the sparkling world, going to solitary mount and seeks liberation of ourselves which we believe is most correct?

Ice Cream
Sometimes it may be necessary to eat ice cream until melted our mouths while sitting under a tree and expect to relive the Newton gravitational force that makes apples fall that amazed, then that point born a great invention was the survival of human civilization but how that while we sat even a snake that fall?

A Artful Painter
Several hours earlier, on return from a street painter named Budi Sora, original Temanggung guy. I very dazzled with the simplicity as an artist who doesn’t care about image, his stature is small and like eating less, even if you want to know I thought he rarely shampooing his hair, his long hair like a pile of straw roofs… “BUT HIS WORK BEAT POST GRADUATED STUDENT FROM ISI YOGYAKARTA!” as my friend Anna said.

Anna was a painter and the younger sister of Lucia Hartini, a surrealist painter the Indonesia’s most famous. I knew Mas Budi from Anna and and I’ve proved myself by looking at the results of the utterances of his paintings. Budi Sora so relaxed with his condition are very far from the glittering, street painters still continues even inherent in himself. Take a look at his unorganized studio, is not only very small but also for what it is, but I am sure out of his hand has flowed spectacular masterpieces that have been propagated by the art traders.

A Late Expression
This expression haven’t I cast with overflowing overwhelming, because there are trigger events with my website developer. I should make a cool status “Face May Look Dingy Works Gets 10 THUMBS”, but by the time I got home it was already devouring ice cream two rods at once and the rissole 3 pieces so that the feels of my annoyance not peaked. Hmn … It seems my body is getting bigger and has already ensured that eating is an emotion that I wreaked to ice cream because exasperated with the developer.

After finish eating the ice cream, the story of the developer has still not died down. I said he seems to have a problem with his personal projects and try to wreak into my project so that make me confused, “Brother what’s going on?”

What Kind Vehicle You Use?
I use the ice cream vehicle while developers use this website project to vent what cannot or has not been accepted. Indeed our brain contains billions of ions that are able to make we survive and take the way of wisdom. Ice cream or impingement to improper people I think it same ineffective thing and self-defeating, but the one thing that I hold, if my analysis is correct about the developer that my regret was not a big of himself because it is still my control.

Hmn … at last, I felt how delicious that ice cream, yummy.



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