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Employ The Mouth


In anywhere don’t bring the error as-strong-as-we can do. How could you still add the darkness while the light can’t be turned on? Only the truly enlightened people is able cleanse the world. The enlightened peoples have high sensitivity, they knew when to withdraw themselves and be motionless contemplate at the axis of the earth.

Beware talking addiction especially the group who employing the mouth. Talk before act is the discourse or the thoughts we tried to put out from our mind. We say the discourse contained the error if so many times said but it’s reality hard be found by public. More prioritize the public impression than the attempts to make what said real is the imaging. The imaging is psychiatric illness from public speaking addiction. Actually it was also the hoax done by speaker in unaware.

For example the speaker often said how need be united to the public, but in the another room disunite each other; it is the highest level of madness in the human’s soul and is extraordinary lies in public.

One always said we must to share and people must has the mercy, but in one’s daily life didn’t reflect what said one has manipulated oneself then manipulated the public.

The people did it to fill the soul is empty. Beside one has the hidden motive that why did it; if the motive from a speaker is imaging the politician is the power.

Its kindly talking by the personal experience. The personal experience is the most good teacher. The most legally to be shared is personal experience. Talking because we had read or knew much than other so that what we shared seem like taking the people’s quote with our words.

Talking what we done and had been fruit as well it could be proven via the witnesses is multiply the kindness in life. Its healthy to the soul of speaker and listener. Bold and solid. It has sustainable character and increase the trust so that could move the people to follow it.

What we said can influence bad or good thing in oneself because talking has stimulan element. A veteran speaker will has hard burden, at the speaker we sue the similarity verbal language and behavior.

The kindness of life doesn’t speak the good things done as the kindness is not the words. The kindness is the deeds.

According to my analysis when somebody said have to share much than action actually somebody less do what said. Usually the deed is the word for the people who had done much otherwise for the people still in discourse the word is the deed.

Can we find the significantly difference that the people focus at the deed would continue to do but the people focus at talking would keep talking until forget to realize it.

This manner applies to the writer also I thought. Directly or indirectly each said or written contains a teaching also, be careful the value of writer or speaker depends on daily life. I wrote this case didn’t to claim myself better than other. Far before this topic written the reader can find each any my digital writing since 7 years ago until this second that everywhere is my personal experience. Specially for me, only the experience had settled and brought the glory of life where I was connected in it personally that is able to be shared or transferred it in to the writing, beside it I can not write.

Employing the mouth then bringing it in to the book will increase the error if the character didn’t reflect what said and written. Directly with no order if the people getting the hole between two cases the people will leave it and throw anything the written and the said in trash can.

The hole in human is the early error in private which would littering the thought of people; that it would be done by the speaker or writer. The human would be respected by out put of mouth but if the character didn’t reflect the mouth then the mouth would bring down the human anyway. Likes Mario T was an instance of the people who be lifted up and be dropped down by disharmony behavior with the mouth.



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