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Soul Development


Thats I am worried can’t stop chasing the ideals. The ideals also are part of human’s ambition. Doing something for the community is very good but the good is not always proper like myself too often leave my son and many domestic affairs must be ruled out for the sake of the struggle. The dilemma is always coming for testing the ideals but can not ignore the ideals then the second milestone is able to be attained.

I haven’t done anything to Sindoro Sumbing. I’m just starting, passing Development Plan of The Water Temples Sobobanyu (RPCAS) with volunteer. But keep in mind what I did already contain some essential milestones. First and most the important milestone of my first project to beat the fear of self has been completed properly. Bangilun was already flowing in my blood. Giharu a Lady Between Twin Mountains with the courage that has been beyond her capacity because of Sindoro Sumbing cover me. I’ve passed the first stage.

In an effort to support the marginalized people and siding the Earth, I think many sides of this self should want to be ‘skinned’ in advance. The universe will process until the epidermis level regarding we are able come out of the dilemma as the wise winner. The wind will hit harder when at the top. Those still acting belong the changing for others (anything) without changing own self into such wish is the loser who championed in cockfight I though and exceeded the big guzzler who preach in houses of worship. The role of losers and drunks are very not cool.

If you can handle it then you become part of the universe working. On the contrary, if not got through then you’ll find investors with all ways and be sure time goes on you will be it’s investors who trade your ‘mother and father’. Read also “The Son of Soil: Sobobanyu Development of Soul”.

When The Simple Life Trilogy book is nearing completion at three years ago, my son was very happy, he though I was going to have a lot of money. My son had a big contribution over each piece of my writing, because he is then the book can come into the world, he is very worthy counting the results of books.

Honestly, before the the ideals become a crystal, I did not have idea to use the book result to finance the struggle of YPG in myself let alone up to 90%. Some of the common things that I want to do from the results of such buy a car soon because I couldn’t stand seeing my son if going to school when rainy and a plot of land in the mountains to build our future home.

About land there is a story behind it, a dilemma again. Not as pure as mean building a house only because ideals are still baby. Like the city people generally if looked the beautiful land and outstanding it will immediately can resurrect business ideas (such automatically body response for delicious food), as well as myself experienced this event but it’s weak. Luckily the universe guide me, the ideals continues to be strong and the dissociate me from those role of losers and drunks.

After five years more in Temanggung, we still don’t have anything but ideals were still awake. My viewpoint now is the rain of grace is not a disaster. My worry of rain would torment my son is not proven. A bit of a bother Yes! But even now I allowed him to play in the rain as occasionally. The son that I made a reason in order buy a car to immediately not a single reason, this could be a part of the gaps in the my heart.

The commercial side really not left any speck in my self. If I could get here with all the small effort can I done and if I speak not only of funds, time and thinking I devote to Sindoro Sumbing but I have dedicated my whole life for them then what kind food of book’s royalties questions are still relevant?

Our royalty is a genuine happiness that we are keep earning in Temanggung. This goes beyond the passion of business that may be stop in my mind to master the innocence of nature. If I want it, I have so chance, every inch of the occasion is an opportunity. For people like me I think it’s not hard finding allies if I don have fund to lie the nature: The Second Milestone.

Each milestone is a stone laid for an achievement, the second milestone, tells the story of the universe skins so gentle, the pain is there but no mark inside. A process of transformation of how to look nature from the perspective of the children of nature. Nature is not merely merchandise materials. Nature needs to be left alone as they want to be. With its grass wildness, the dynamics of small animals above and below as well as the local community and culture to flourish in whatever nature wants. A little handling should always have to count the distortion of beneficiaries and impact recipients because the price paid is very very expensive. Natural biodiversity of mountains are miniature paradises in the world.

The story will not be like this when I went Sindoro Sumbing by a car, like the reviewers came home carrying the projects folder. I and anyone involved in Sobobanyu I hope could be proud to be part of the Majesty of Nature.

Development Plan of The Water Temple Sobobanyu is the development of the soul. Sobobanyu is the human story in back side of mounts looking for the water of life instead of looking for infrastructure (I’m really honored could be part of Sobobanyu). Sobobanyu is not just pool to collect water. Because the water will dry one day if not maintained but the soul that has been waking up will exude water of life to fill the Sobobanyu’s temples.

Now I understand that supports mount needed pure heart and clean because we are entering God’s dwelling place. The mountain is the real human houses of worship.

The third milestone I hope the development process of the soul begin influencing the RPCAS team and then step b step expanding in the family, RT/RW until it formed a community of villages that is siding their ‘mother and father’. To get to one of sub-district Kledung Sindoro Sumbing still need a big job but in my vision I have seen new shoot is growing there.

The fourth and next milestone can be found in Plan Realization of Sobobanyu. Hopefully all goes smoothly and Gusti Allah close us with people who have good intend for Sindoro Sumbing, fulfill all needs in development and Sobobanyu immediately built. Give an enlightenment of the soul in every decision. Amen!

Sobobanyu Development of The Soul is narrating the journey over a bridge which is cool and quiet. Browse the mind and heart which laden convoluted of uncontrolled lusts. With the intention to give the love but actually to trap the love.

Please support The Development Plan of The Water Temple Sobobanyu: A Mount Irrigation System To Liberate The Soul!

HELP ME TO HELP US. Gets engaged in Petaru Program or more bigger contribution in KNIH Program.

This is the 1st Sobobanyu Article with long title “Sobobanyu Development of The Soul: It’s All Development”.



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