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The Son of Soil


The story of Malinkundang still continues with more horrible version. At the time all in instant and everything has barometer, the story of rebellious child entrance box office is very easy if make it in film one day. Now, the father was against also—in-continuity exploitation of nature by his son analogized the sons of soil trade their mother father.

Accidentally if you reside in the mountains then mount is your mother father and if oceans then its ocean being your father mother. The fate of people live in city indeed very ‘classical’. The meaning of classic here to convey the fate is fate. Try to move buildings, can you—the people in city were stuck in concrete hallways—they keep moving but actually are stagnant because all in the routines and monotony in it. Hated and missed—money a classic problem; is the parents of the children in city. The concept of all will be money not leave a space for the soul to chat with physical things’. The house is no longer a area to place a break after a long day hard work but a heart racing. Many children city are alone, seeking adoptive mother father until the valleys (a part of my past too).

Every land give birth son. In order for humans are aware that embedded in the soil is not death instead of life. Seed thrown upward will still grow shoots when it fell on the land. It should be the children of the land especially the son of soil rise up in siding the land of the place of birth.

This country is indeed weird. There have been so funny now many are illogical. I want to have a wood stove fire, Temanggung people want electric stove. I’m learning to maximize sikil (in Javanese means leg) they chose to train wheels of his car. I’ve been enough looked Sindoro Sumbing however they go bring it in the proposal such as the mountain is a property.

The son of soil that has a small businesses usually started with rising two catfishes after the catfishes are fat and proliferating with fast his money increased much. Then they breeding the land. Taking over farm-land and joined with the lonely children in the city, make an home stay, inn, motel, tourist destinations and so on. Originally a small level, but as a guarantee of the sustainability of the business is growth it sooner or later become a massive business such the franchise network spreading branches up to the mounts.

I think, using the tourist destination is very misguided. Not all places have to be a tourist destination. Make it a tourism destinations such as contained skepticism or as ballpark like the story of a country girl who prostitute her body, making self as objects. No wonder tourism areas known as “tourism object”. All alive and dead is object. If it done due to by the Government or a large corporation so we can claim a fundamental question,”Did development for them?” The bigger funds the bigger objects.

The son of soil as well as the children of country has tough task in order the next generation like “biting pumpkin by mountain girl” above can still look as we can look today. A transparent overlay to the ends of the sky and discovered passions there. Building the future starting from building horizon.

About orphaned children of land which I hope if you guys either one day would stopped at Sindoro Sumbing or on the mountains, hills and valleys or wherever the your hearts hooked and either because was invited by thats rebellious son or other ungodly things I don’t need to know but one thing that I hope you guys when it comes do not take away the mountains into the city and make it in the general ideas. Read also “Mount Investments: Sobobanyu the development of the soul”.

Oh yeeah! I almost forgot, recounting the fate of the son-mother… Gerrr! Our fate is very happy because have an full mother-father. Sindoro Sumbing is our giant mother-father. Four months again my son almost sixth-grade, meaning it has already entered the sixth year we lived in Temanggung. Now is the right time! We calling as the hill man of Mt. Sindoro isn’t awkward anymore.

As respectful, over all exertion, joy and sorrow of hill man stepping on uphill way, I would like to assure anyone that they are the owner of the nature! The first generation of the universe! The authenticity of the hill man and the ancestors never can be transferred even by certificate land of state. They also the most parties are entitled to the greatest blessing of nature over their constancy care for mother-father.

Son-mother like us and all those who use the strength of currency is always the newcomers and it is fixed—the human who lost mother father seeking until the mounts. But for the sake of the future sustainability of the mountain girl biting pumpkin or future generations, we have the same causes that bring us on the mount.

Son of soil #TurunTangan!
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This is the 2nd Sobobanyu Article with long title “Sobobanyu Development Of The Soul: The Son of Soil Gets Involved”.



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