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Mount’s Investment


I’m not your enemy! I have found there is no sterile in life. White presents because there’re black however black present I make sure you not because of white. Precisely black is dark side in human being. In other words, all contribute to downfall and resurrection in this world. I’m not your enemy! The role that I took in the rest of my life is to give balancing. Moderates the two opposing sides that I could present there. I’m not your enemy!

If that present in your thinking like, “Yes, indeed life is nothing sterile!” I thought you were in school just for repeat the sentence …heee, don’t get mad please!

The discovery of the “there are no sterile” strengthen me, help me be neutral. I so totally agree with the words of my friend DR. Shirley Suhenda, a doctor of philosophy that “being neutral is the nobleness of the man”. The world needs a lot of kindness more than usual, i.e. nobleness.

I place myself on the two interests but I apologize I give my heart to small communities in the context of empowerment and balancing. Compared to all of us (not a farmer) the farmers in very hard life, will be experiencing the helplessness and injustice because of the system of money power. Changes in the global, now those impact are like a meteor falls to Earth, spread until to small villages in the mounts. They deserve to get my thoughts and also should all of us who still have heart. My alignment on them does not give fears potency. This is fourth: “I’m not your enemy”. I’m very capable of being neutral person.

The purpose of this writing to all businessmen, investors and all those who control anything with money. I mean its enough! It’s time we build do not always for goal of taking but to give. Combined business-social goal is not narration again, only need an extra effort at the beginning. We have too much hurt the Earth with various forms. Its already too much we took! It’s time returned back to nature.

Sincerity of gives ‘no strings attached’ was part investment business that now will continue the trend. Try to check how much funds have been poured by top-tier companies for CSR activities. Who has provided 90% of his wealth in the world? If it would be done a long time ago may be nature is not being broken as now and local people are not suffering until a few generations.

Finally, money, business will never satisfy heart although already eat well and wear luxury vehicles, but still body will never stop demanding “feed” while the heart is never full. This is illustrated as water entered into the perforated cans. Because the real in hearts would continue to live (this sentence inspired original from Mark Zuckerberg “that’s real there is in the heart”) and one day will sue us. Yes, at least it came early in the sleep.

Business people ‘small’ increasingly be clever to calculate and joined in a dogma “mastering land to mastering the opportunity” is the old curriculum of business religiosity! Then it surely my struggling concentrated on appreciation and tribute on ground ‘land’ including water and all elements of the universe.

Aihhh! Definitely scary! Serious enough of ‘stress’ when reading land in Bogor, Sukabumi and lands in the low area near the the Capital have belonged a group of commercial corporations. Archipelago had already mastered the ‘confusion person’ so sorry once again. Ugh! Borneo, Bali, Lombok, Sumatra already changed hands, I’m sure it!

Crazy ideas such as building a vehicle in Singapore, Disney Land in USA in small or large scale , as we heard I though it is really nuts. How long the it can sustain anyway? The break even point isn’t very comparable with so much energy that must be sacrificed. Businessman should also include the impact of social, environmental and cultural as start up capital not expenditure in balance sheets in regarding business not in early trapping of break-even point because one day if it’s distortion in large scale will certainly be sued! That’s distortion were the real cost that will be draining your cash one day. I worry at the future business people will be faced with many “people class action” especially from the grassroots. This would greatly strengthened over time as technological time. Businessman will face many bottlenecks in one bottle.

The world is and will continue to experiencing the new age awareness . The future world will be have been preferring with presented by the world today.

That routine will be left, that stay on who are faithful but that faithful contested (descending). The results of calculation in related land business that decreased as curse from the land and applies to for agriculture hurts the Earth.

It’s star thinking, about the awesome world is doing a reversal from common. Try you gave the farmers 90%. I guarantee you will be rich inner and outer, since 10% of yours like spring water flows from all directions. Believe it! Business people actually only need one, that is inspiring so that money continues can be capitalized without ceasing, the universe will shed many ideas that don’t never think about before when you’re playing in the realm of ten points.

How Chinese Medan and Javanese in business are pretty good in terms of a bit profit but heart peach. If you took 90% you’re just earn short-term profit as while you’d have been checked your health in overseas and plus followed strict diet, eaten blood accumulates preventive medicine in order more healthy and long-lived. Inconsistency between effort to have long-live but in the same time ignoring it, that represented business is autoimmune your age.

Opening a restaurant ok, yes it was good. But this is fact, how restaurants die before the death of its owner because left by chef. I’ve seen it happen continued in Sindoro Sumbing. New one opening die, the second open a long six months die, the fourth desperate open the bigger die after left it’s customers. But if using Padang people, sharing profit system for local community (at least 50:50 if not willingly 90), you’re definitely going to be defended tooth and nail by the universe even though your chef, customers and employee crossing out at front. Figure 10:90 is a metaphor to give more than usual with full sincerity, its focus for anyone who is in a relationship that accidentally you as superior.

About investing in the mountain, I don’t mean to offend anyone and I am not the opponents of reliability. What is true for me is not necessarily suitable for others even my son. We each have different preference. I’m so fair in this case. But black and white I saw in my vision is a fact that very easily accepted common sense.

The village, mountains, hills, virgin valleys is Earth’s surface landscape can we still care, the region already in ‘wet’ I don’t have focus there. For these area first, lets we reserve for our posterity.

Move the Sentosa, Disney Land here …PLS GOD HELP!

If you are I wrote above, small nor large, you may be disappointed and cancel to support our struggle or you enter me in ‘a list of target shooting’ because disturbing your interest. Please do not shoot before you find the new one balance writing in “Vipassana: Sobobanyu The Development of The Soul”.

If your employee was worker in your business then I deliberate ‘servant’ for marginalized people. Read also “Uncertainty: Sobobanyu Development of The Soul”.

Please support The Development Plan of The Water Temple Sobobanyu: A Mount Irrigation System To Liberate The Soul!
HELP ME TO HELP US. Gets engaged in Petaru Program or more bigger contribution in KNIH Program.

This is the 3rd Sobobanyu Article with long title “Sobobanyu Development of The Soul: Mount Investment”.




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