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Embraces Ahok


Where is Jokowi? That question always haunts Ahok’s supporters. Jokowi was silent as the insistence of 212 when Ahok used to be jailed after Ahok was free Jokowi was still silent also as of the influence of those around Jokowi who be afraid of their ‘cake’ shared into Ahok. The issue of Ahok wants to marry ‘young leave’ becoming their hook. My feeling so sorry for Ahok…

If Pak Jokowi asking Ahok to postpone marriage for the sake of this nation is very relevant. Believe it, Ahok will definitely be obedient to Jokowi because Ahok really loves this country. Is it still to interfere in Ahok’s personal business? Nonsense, all of his personal affair was exposed when we used wanted Ahok to get a win, so the silent business now is meaning want to fail? All is stuck on “this is people’s case”.

Just say if you want to fail so that all supporters do not need to take care.

Ahok can only be separated from Jokowi and this nation except Ahok is “A Bakmi Seller”.

… and except for Jokowi and TKN are OVERCONFIDENT, are TOO DESPERATE TO TAKE A RISK. Wants to fail so forget Ahok!!!!

If Jokowi failed, PDIP is the most worthed to be blamed because marriage issue was deliberately blown up the first time by Pras and then welcomed by Pak Djarot; wondering they said like making a drama in the media. Not funny, after the gossip destroyed supporters they shut up and asking directly to Ahok because this was a personal matter they said.

It’s gossip Pak Djarot being the matchmaker (please clarify it for supporters); is it a personal matter? does a matchmaker take personal matters? If there is no strangeness you caught then there is instability of the soul in political people happened, they want to win but their actions lead to defeat; the victim is always the people again. As you know, the energy of the nation is severe exhausted because of Ahok’s case until this second.

We only count Ahok’s supporters from his followers in IG is 3.5M. We consider ‘fake followers’ is 500K. Ok, suppose that Ahok has only 2M followers who remain strongly will choose Jokowi, 1M who have been heartbroken and be lazy to go to the polling station is 50:50.

From at all, it had been considered?:

  • Magical power of Ahok reaching everywhere . It’s stupid if negate it! As to know, Ahok is a very exciting political entertainer. How big anger of volunteers they still want to peek his IG, even though they unfollowed him. How big the haters still missing Ahok. If you don’t know how big the range of power in Ahok that means it can’t be calculated! If it cannot be calculated “why are you still dare taking it as a risk?

    I tell you, the number of Ahok’s fan is very fantastic, his followers in IG wow… just the skins; that’s a fruit of kindness of what Ahok had done so far. He has succeeded in arousing enthusiasm, passion, and hope that have been buried along but it was destroyed by the case of to marry a ‘Korean young leave’ then.

    The issue of divorce is another thing, that is more related to his political career, but the issue of wanting to marry ‘young leave’ even she was a former of his wife’s guards is very much related to anyone’s conscience; when we were in “anyone’s conscience” have already talked about the “hope” that it has been raised before; that’s hope; not make vote in election; disgusted and embarrassed on behavior of officials.

  • It’s insane, how come they discarded the vote who losing a figure?. If there are 40 million new voters, then only 4 million will become Ahok’s fans, then they are voters who lost the figure. It cannot be replaced with Jokowi. Their figure is Ahok; only Ahok, like fatherless children in a broken family of the nation which Ahok is the only mortal who can cure them by means of Ahok being a good father back.

So, it is not the time for the supporting party to build hope on the manure. The buzzer entered Ahok IG became a supporter to escalate the current situation of Ahok; “Ahok, hurry up marry the Korean, she is very sweet”, “Ahok, don’t listen to fans who disagree with you”; if the opponent playing Ahok’s issue to bring down Jokowi in the hope rising to unvote from supporters of Jokowi and Ahok, so how can TKN and Jokowi become spectators?

Do TKN be sure that the biggest abstentions not coming from own vote? Sure? Just little abstainers from own? Who are the abstainers? If the abstainers are the people who no care about this nation, so they are fields of the votes and most of them were the ‘shoots’ who had been successfully turned on by Ahok; that’s the potency was thrown away by Jokowi if he was still silent.

It was said politicians were difficult to pray or got trauma because their prayers didn’t often granted; prayer is not your portion! Are you all only able to stand behind “ this is a personal problem from Ahok“. Where is the intelligence of TKN? Embraces Ahok soon! Invite him to talk heart to heart. This is very calm as political will for the nation and treating Ahok’s wounds also.

Now I’m telling you, just suppose I’m wrong it’s okay, as long as you read this article: Ahok’s disappointment is not just for personal matters! Please noted! I am very big guessing and very sure Ahok has been disappointed with Jokowi—this is very inhumane where Jokowi once never visiting Ahok in prison and surprisingly ABB, a terrorist who killed hundreds of people wanted to be released from jail on humanitarian grounds. Pak Jokowi, it has a heart in logic also but this does not get in logic.

Pak Jokowi, I just want to remind that you said ONLY BOW TO THE LAW“; this is the best and right lighthouse of yours in order not easy to fall into the ‘whisper’ that will make you doubt to decide something. The voice from “didn’t visit Ahok in prison as later you are considered a supporter of religious detractors” was the error of the most perverse of our humanity. You should ignore it easily if you refer to your lighthouse! Politics and power must not doubt our humanity! As far as I know, the law is impossible to destroy humanity. Precisely the law was made to our humanity getting better.

Supporters have been narrating “Ahok is Jokowi’s best friend” and “Ahok has been assessed a very willing person to sacrifice for Jokowi “. All for this nation! Ahok really loves Indonesia 100%. In each message, Ahok asked fans not to abstain and continue to support Jokowi; then why after he was free did the contradiction of it all if not because of disappointment with Jokowi?

Let’s say I was wrong again, but please pay attention to the good intentions and restless I caught; anyone who reads this article, after you have studied and your heart is moved, give a positive influence please, do not let Ahok get more chaotic.

Don’t let disappointment be resolved in a disappointed manner by Ahok. I thought Ahok got feeling has been dumped away by Jokowi. Ahok is very disappointed !!!!

I forcefully say Ahok not be separated from Jokowi. Because…

  • First , all event happened in a very close time, there are three important things that cannot and impossible be separated easily and quickly, which; the struggle for 2017 elections, the issue after free, and the 2019 presidential election
  • Second , Ahok’s struggle is Jokowi’s struggle and vice versa
  • Third , Ahok has a big enough supporter, the observers who said just a bit I want to ask have they been on the field for months leaving the family, sleeping on the floor, are they ever be volunteer in the reality? Jokowi needs this vote to win.
  • Fourth , Ahok has many enemies, this is the simplest indicator that Ahok has quite power to make enemies afraid; be afraid because their ‘cake’ would be divided into Ahok and be afraid because could’t do corruption again
  • Fifth , Ahok is the voice of our conscience
  • Sixth , on Ahok’s shoulders has been laid down those’s hopes; please don’t waste thats hope if you all want to win.

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