Post Scarp Metal

The Scrap Chain


All the people who are the trouble maker depart from a nice children. It’s weird? They’re funny and adorable but how can become the vandals? The willing to pinch their cheek like bakpao but now its much really willing to punch their bakpao…heee. The milk had littered their cloths made us ticklish laughing at the beginning but now go the hell! At every morning their baby face were glowing like ruby—at the top timing had really wanted to spit on their face.. Oh God why its happened like this? How we sad heard their little childish cries—no more a pity!

I think the children had been trained since early in order not forcing their wish continuously and giving understanding that mostly of lifepart is a mirage.

So many are provided but only a bit in hand. So many wishes but really only a little bit come true. The trouble makers are usually had seed of selfish forcing since kids, that those can not control it will be public waste.

They are enemies of life truly. The life from word of live. Enemy of live is dead. The life signed by growth to the right direction. The enemy of growth is dwarf mindset. The trouble makers had midget soul. Because they’re not able to solve irregularities at their own selves they dragging what can be dragged in term the people must follow their direction such as thing they feel alive.

During in my lifetime never wish or send negative prayer including the people who had hurt me instead the good things for them. I think this is my ageless secret. The people like me has many levels of apology not ‘house layered’.

But when “A Horse Rider” entered Presidential Election 2014 rink, dynamic of Indonesia politic had been stirred as his wish. The energy of people was being really really drained him and his affiliate maneuver for during 3 years. The working getting disturbance the package data lost! The social media was being in incredible uproar. The hoaxed spreading to take attention day by day. A noise brawl in sosmed flew to real life. The people is always be victims.

What happened today is not new. Just repeat the pattern of Presidential Elections’ 2014. It had three groups, a dying-willing of power group, over religious dose and investor who had huge business interest. They piggyback each other. Who is sat at middle, back and hold direction will be changeable. They will keep trying to increase escalation. Making various theme we can guessed around kafir, assault by ethnic [Chinese], anti Islam, economy, khilafah and communist. I still believe my analysis that issues just circulate surrounding their circle that the amount of them are not more than sane people. But why they seem like dominant because they use intimidation and violence. Just to remind us, use their way again! Don’t be afraid! FIGHT!!! HIT!!! They are chicken based on my experience and changing cloth time by time.

The dramatic changing in Arab to view Islam in big scale had given calm wind to domestic. Arabist groups will bite their finger. The qinab women will think Islam not only dress. The barber shop will flood-order beard cutting. Arab and Israel alliance keep been developing will make ‘fire stove’ exhausted oil and wicks, they start to thinking to return back as siomay or street trader. My prediction the theme of kafir, anti Islam and khilafah will be weak nationally even internationally because Arab-Israel in one poros now. The Evil, AR is a person suspected behind HTI will get the most suffering. We will see he will had many time to count white hair rather than join in demo again.

They won’t be quite of course. The trouble maker will leave their problem to follower who are trouble maker also. They will keep give rusty at each sane thinking, hooking to hook like satan evil. Visualizing they are pile of problem make me easy to remember a pile of old chain was being drowned in a the harbor.

Three years had passed. Before campaign’2018 I evaluate all. I saw some friends in same struggle looks like older and same with me too. Long time I be aware the people individually who had love this country had been influenced much much collective negative energy. It can’t be hidden anymore I knew. My message the people not necessary become like God to spell out old chain. The universe had SOP to organize live, there is a specific section to handle scrap chain.

The politic had opened our eyes at lastly. The black and white fragmentation and the good and bad person separated very clearly and continuously. Its meant as long talking about country and together interest from people money the bad guy will head the good people. The good people must keep to encourage and help this country be better.

Frankly the sane people sometime get in provocation how could the insane guy be not? The people should be unite. How can we do in so many diversities and interest? Yes, we can I think! Its base sanity. How?

At first be aware ‘sane’ I and country connected each other. Be aware what I had done, the current condition like what, about my self, my life then awareness building that a dying-willing power and money group is our enemy. At second self-asking why I was like that, why I was poor, be fool, why get in provocation and why want to be fooled? At third what can I do to encourage a positive direction changing for myself and surrounding?

Frankly again, I never curse people but since 2014 – 2017 I had made it for sevens figures in order they get death as quickly! Its happened spontaneously. The game is very very so dirty. They are Mr. Mustache, Mr. Evil, The Horse Rider, Duo F and Bapak Gabener dan Wagabener.

They keep doing madness. Mr. Mustache can not free-hand of greedy deeds, The Evil AR in khilafah obsession, The Horse Rider ‘Mas Wowor’ had obligation to be president because he had pledged with his mother, duo F are very proud to their rotten mouth and finally Mr. Gabener and Wagabener still feel awesome as words designer.

When I am gooling, am lucky finding their photos at children…heee. Do you want to know my comments? Oh my God.. how “Mr. Mustache” so funny he is..hmn apparently he already had pattern of hanging mustache at child. How wondering action of “Mr. Evil”he is indeed so adorable when child, his naughty even like autism boy but still so adorable and I really focus on his cat eyes. He definitely so adorable! Thats “The Horse Rider” is indeed so handsome when kid, whose is saucy boy may sista carrying him plzzzz. Hell!! Thats Duo F.. Oh God I can not hold to see them, at longer I want to kiss their cheeky but waits I found a photo again…they had been fed porridge so their cheeky face to push their mouth in front…very witty haaa. The toddler Mr. Gabener is most interesting on my focus is his curly hair, I remember curly hair Michael Jackson had been straight, do you think he will be LGBT if did a rebonding? Oopss My heart so pity when found a boy photos of Bapak Wagabener, righteously He are rare weak as how when he is boy so weak. Oh its so pity boy—they all are not more than WAST*!

I very infrequently using harsh word and always trying to use words balanced but that it is. My honest opinion that they are really really not more than WAST*E!

If any opinion they are gold NOPE but for me they are scrap chain! Lets get we are different. I did not hate that people but at deed.

I had followed their maneuver year by year and finding some references about them. I had been at a finale conclusion that they are failure mortals. They must be eaten by live soonest to let Indonesia atmosphere fresher.

They are truly live killer for Indonesia! Their antithesis done are part of self-defect had been fatal and can not be repaired. A death of them yet can finish their problem because its corrosion had patched and fastened.

I become remember the warrior Thor in a film “Thor: Ragnarok” had won at his sister Hela, A Death Goddess. May the struggle of kind peoples like sending Hela to the eternal death because the evil never be destroyed at all.

The people must wake up soon and rise up! Doing the good things or live in vain!



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