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A Million Winds


Our goal to return is holiday. Back to Temanggung we get holiday going to Yogyakarta getting holiday also. The full of vacancy is our currently life. At principally is holiday. So the whether we do not live as how people live from learning and working?

The experience using public transportation in term of holiday giving us to meet various driver assistant-DA. In Indonesia we call “Kenek”. If their performance seem like crowded, with punk hair style, had tattoo and young guy is definitely hurry-scurry DA. Just believe he is original driver assistant if looks rare senior and wearing tidy cloth with belt. Driver and bus it may only same but if the DA unchangeable so the exoticism of Indonesia land transportation will fade in the eyes of explorer. Because from there the mess of tariff and hoodlum to rich the struggle story. Oopss..

The various DA the various style. The hurry-scurry DA is usually more greedy to charging passenger as they want to where the original DA still on shame. He charging by face. The homely face becoming his target.

Anyway many various DA but our faces never get the standard fare. The conclusion is our faces will be always in his trap. Wellll… the name of holiday right?

In the journey like these incidents we won’t lack of joy and never give up to reuse the bus at least for my self, for my son still depends on the winds. It always has a newest part of story. There is other thing of quality of wind beside DA had foreclosed our attention. So, when we had been in bus, I had known the reason why my son forced me to take chair near the back door of bus but I disagreed and ordered him moving the chair in middle. I have determine what I can do. This is about highly comfort thing controlling in the middle limitation of kampong vacancy.

Looks like different situation in this return will be happened. The feel is different formed also. Still in the morning when we back and on the Friday also. What we are thinking to make us be ready for hold body odor of DA to facing iron charger from back to front of bus again and again. Its true in short time the driver is going inside bus and turn on the bus where the bus still half full. “The bus is quite Son!” I say happily to my son because we will get bonus the winds. My son with smiling face. It will not increase capacity much at least adding only one or two passengers if an intercity bus had run out stasiun. Yahooo…I am waving my son’s shoulder. He looks so happy because got the winds finally.

After the bus moving, the wind coming from the half open window. Of course my son always sat near window. He is number one in seeking the winds in bus. I saw he really really enjoyed this return. His short hair like building Tintin’s topknot. His eyebrow blinking to feel the winds. He reuse back jacket. I felt his nerve start to enjoy.

It is a grace in middle limitation if still can see the winds fluttering in his face. I felt his happiness more genuine. The natural occurrence happiness has character as is as it without be reigned money and power. No penny reason had been bringing delight. I think this happiness is different quality with the joy of watching movie in big cinema that it was found from 20 multiplications of the bus fare or experience using private car.

Related private car I’m thinking actually about that winds. I guarantee only will open window shortly or getting dizzy. There is a problem we make wrong on happiness and comfort connection. More cozy will be more happy is not absolutely true otherwise the degree of happiness will decrease more I think. How can? Try to drink water galon and clay water which one fresher? Thus necessity of the soul is natural is natural things also, thus as like why the peoples in drought area are more be happy when get a cup of water than those who stayed in rich water. Crottt…

The problem of private car in a journey more easy to be guessed. From wanting to find gasoline station, blow out wheel, dying pee, sore calf and ticketed by policeman are probably can enrich the soul but which side of soul? The soul enough often needs natural unpredictable condition.

I think in his mind doing the same thing with me also; we keep counting the tree through the quality of wind we accepted. Is more winds is more clean air then the happiness be more automatically. The heart keep embracing the present in a row of road climbing. The point of house rest a few kilometer anymore.

Precisely after the wind on the top, the soul also more be calm, I get in thinking my son is very lucky having mother like me. I have been giving much saving of natural experience to him. He still at 12 years, all kinds of winds via various transportasi he ever had felt its, but oh no no for the wind of plane. The winds that coming to the plane is only bad winds to make die and the jetplane crash it should be only in the story. Duarrr…

From at all, by bad and good winds I hope its fill fragile grid of his soul in order he will be courageous and strong like tree facing the truly winds.

Perhaps he hasn’t to understand fully yet. Its okay, its neatly saved. This experience will teach him when needed. The lesson of winds will teach strongly truly in the limitation.

Never enough with a million winds because its only can be felt through your skin, can not be caught and not be brought home like the bird you let free in the sky you will get your freedom. As well like the smell of flower that only can be kissed by your nose—thus the soul must get the house. It all happened since the soul had been prepared. This is assertive ability of human Son; still capable of handling any condition changed to valuable experience. The combining of limitation willing to be understood and the beauty you obligate to reach it—is the one package of meaning life.

The winds is only intermediary.



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