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Misguided Subject


Incidentally, I knew a young guy that published in a largest daily from the beginning. Indeed he developed the tourist destination near Temanggung and certainly from government funds. When I read his profile, there is only one thing that arises in my head, “How could this big media publish a ‘misguided subjects’?” His character is slippery like a snake and by using the idealism that withered before developing to protect his personal goal. The desire to build a business for himself and their families such the hot in the cold mountain. For me, this news littering the good thoughts and not worth published.

The media certainly has a reasons, one of which is chasing the news, so that a commitment to explore his background was certainly not there. Knowing a person’s background is not enough just to interview the person concerned or to its surroundings him but need to ask the ‘counterparty’. Sensitivity sense of Journalism is needed when assessing a news worthy or not worthy to get a large portion of the column.

Public Channel
Lets say if television, radio as a public channel, I want to say harder, that all kind of intervention to influence the mindset is all about of public property, there is a very seriously moral responsibility in there.

A while ago, I was in a religious meeting where I felt my thoughts were contaminating with a state director who is on the rise and is predicted to be a minister; ‘I deluded in my own community again’. At that time, his profile used as a reflection of a religious message, it impacts all people in there and the reflection carrier flattering the vocation director completely. The rotten is always will smell everywhere , one day a close friend told me that he was a womenizer first class.

I’m sure that once heard his reflections, still continue idolize him all over and make him as a role model until now whereas since then I had put him into the list of people lose the way. That’s why I prefer to call them the subject, the misguided subject.

Publication The Advertising Repentance
We do believe that people can change and the opportunities they have as the will of the universe, but my heart always be considered that there are not fit, just as criminals who still send a religious message whereas all eyes panned to him, even if they already repent should sit still looking at the universe is so great and feel this body is very small and not accept publicity media especially for reflection/figure.

This subject sometimes takes publications as advertising repentance, but they must honestly admit who they were in the past instead of who they are in the present for a process of thinking straight both for themselves and for others.

Only For Media
In the media communications, imaging strategy is often used for all party, we are just annoyed for imaging deliberately to fool the way of thinking with riding balance sheet of media. We would be horrified find the thousands of media with different titles racing to publish unaccountable information. The news of artist fond of eating up until show off a car often placed at large column, it seems very unfair on a fees paid readers.

May be Media would be appreciated while they are loading the arrest of a thief by policeman or telling a coconut tree has thick coconut milk and its leaf waved away than the junk information that take public channel.

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