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The-one-question-the-most first today: Is that a ideal way if Pak Jokowi accept the rival in cabinet? If YES, that is ideal but is it effective to solve the national issues?

My answer is “not ideal” then it isn’t effective of course also for political, strategical, and technical aspect in the future. I try to summarize it in 4 essential things as consideration of President Jokowi, which:

1. The Big Picture Of Involving All Party In The State Developing

  • Bapak Jokowi may not be fooled by the great mission of “involving all element to develop the nation” because the narassion of “developing or building” needs a full heart serving as it’s consequences! Only a statesman and a people servant can implement it all out of honorable and honest. And that is being proofed by Jokowi himself through his service by service to this people right? So, likes any something wrong happening in Jokowi if he took the different candidate. Those who is ‘a son’ or a largemouth guy being proposed to Jokowi that both are fixed about SBY and Prabowo.
  • That idea is very admirable, truly, is indeed the ideal way that all people get involved to develop the country, but there are party couldn’t be involved in developing is the fact in ideal things also! It would only harvest ineffectiveness in good kindness.The idealism with no has effectiveness only birthing the social fatigue.
  • It’s more constructive of ideal idea is only “the proven track record party of developing who can be invited to develop—they are the ideal elements who should be in fantastic plan of “The Time Capsule of Indonesia’s Dream 2015-2085 that was placed in Merauke” at Wednesday, December 30, 2015.
  • The Rivals of Jokowi are the elements who no have developing characteristic. It’s hard to get developing property in their nature!
  • It’s necessary to be carefully of the crunch situation of radicalism in Jokowi as the psychological effect after Wiranto was attacked, a highest level like a Security, Law and Politic Coordinator Ministry (Menkopolhukam) could be attacked has increased the psychological need from rival’s help. Digital track record of rival has shown us they did affiliated radicalism party such that the needs of rival in cabinet is urgent in order to muffle radicalism issues. SBY and Prabowo are very ace utilizing psychological effect of a momentum! Pak Jokowi must be free of that trap pasca attacked Wiranto. I smelt ‘a rush will’ of SBY a day after Wiranto got attack and following by Prabowo soon.
  • In our country, we usually watch the meeting or negotiation like that in the context of looser is scratching the position and the winner is uniting the enemy for Indonesia; the narration of developing or unites the Indonesia is good idea but can trap Jokowi himself also. The principles of developing can be violated easily if Jokowi couldn’t free it
  • Of course the candidate’s track record is a must if no idea how to reveal the black and white intentions in the gray spots and as we knew the politician color is grey playing; the chosen decision is the best of the best and coming from the clarity; the track record of Jokowi is totally for about “develop the state” while the rival’s track record in this ‘proposed minister’ case is only to “save their own self”—IT’S THE HUGE LIE IF THEY WANT TO DEVELOP AND ONLY THE BIG MOUTH IS ABLE TO SAY WANTING TO DEVELOP BUT CAN’T PROOF THE TRACK OF DEVELOPING RECORD!

2. The Social Fatigue

  • Must consider the social fatigue in the people if Pak Jokowi wants the rival joined in the cabinet. So, there are 3 types communities; two groups are the militant-idealist parties in left and right wing and other everything is okay. The militant-idealist left wing will seek religious-ideologist-radicalist impingement where militant-idealist right wing will no has care about the country, moving and staying in abroad and being a viewer upon the problem in the state;
      *The trend of white vote is still high until now showing the people experienced the unstop social fatigue.
      *A region will be more radical if a balancer community get out from a city. For example a city like Medan (North Sumatera) is more radical after Tionghoa etnis get out from there and now is following Jakarta. Making uncomfortable Jakarta is on ‘the purpose’ by one group and adding the social fatigue burden would make the people go out from Jakarta if they can oneday. Trust me!
  • By rival in cabinet does not produce the solving especially in radicalism case because the left wing will be more radical. They would be more frustrated after losing trust of Prabowo and hate Jokowi also. Globally, they are hopeless with Indonesia and that spirituality idea becomes a escape, the spirituality is converted easily to be ideology-radicalist if any personal case happened in themselves.
  • Do the leaders be aware that the half century of Indonesia politic makro has being creating the residue?; “apathetic negativity/destructive state” or radicalist and “apathetic positivity” or less participation in citizenship. How big has influenced towards the current situation? It’s very big as my answer.
  • The left and right wing have fixed opinion; they hold “it should be not like that”: Left is rival supporters and right is supporter for Jokowi: The left is more radical the right can’t balance it!

3. Bringing Up The Enemy

  • The parliament majority is held by the parties who supporting the government, if put the rival in to the cabinet is not wise. Indeed, they can make trouble but can not use parliament anymore. Not professional as well using any political reason to give them the position.
  • Radicalism issue can not be gone down by putting them in cabinet! They are only thirsty the power and searching money!!! They live as a life they want to, they’re really can separate radicalism group from them after getting failed but getting ‘romance’ in election. They annoyed as like as want and how can be still bravery asking a position in cabinet? Oh, my godness, Pak Jokowi, I hope not! We can not make them having shame as they certainly didn’t have it, but we can stop them to let they have a pride.
  • SBY and Prabowo can’t solve what they had done, it is not in their lifetime! How can correct something in a wrong person? Bulshit!!!
  • Just bringing up Demokrat and Gerindra when they joined cabinet is the summary! It will punch PDIP itself at the end! The both parties is needy money after getting failed. They are waiting dying if no have money. One day Demokrat without SBY and Gerindra without Prabowo in minus cash is getting dying soonly. They really know that condition! So, please Pak Jokowi, don’t make burden for us! More party getting dying is better for political Indonesia.
  • It always the delitescent danger ‘hidden lying’ of Orba following Prabowo, divorce is YES business is not stop you know.

4. The Reconciliation and The Mental Revolution

  • Bapak Jokowi, please don’t forget The Time Capsule of Indonesia’s Dream 2015-2085! Does really want to make it true? Just throwing the nation asset by being good to the enemy. People is waiting the kindness side the kindness; it will bring the splendor for this nation! not the kindness standing the enemy.
  • Rival must be taught to be respectable opposition; means must be done awesome if not provide chair for them! That’s the true reconciliation! The reconciliation doesn’t mean giving or sharing the chair Pak Jokowi.
  • Pak Jokowi also must be carefull the good intention for country otherwise resulting the new problem pasca 5 years. SBY and Prabowo is not our problem, we are really very bored and fed up them! The radicalism is our issue. Cabinet is about pasca 5 years Jokowi.
  • What is the mental revolution? Just simple by not putting them in cabinet is the spectacular deed to start new thing: that’s the most substantive mental revolution!

Okay, we agreed to give appreciation of good intention of people in order more constructive and we also agreed to give space to anyone who has good intentions to develop the country but not wise if violates the principles.

If it’s true they had good intentions for this country, SBY and Prabowo don’t be angry, don’t revenge even making commotion again if Pak Jokowi said sorry that a good intention is not enough without a track record?

Does a person who has spent 10K Trillion in 10 years without optimal progress for the people still be able to build a nation? Haven’t the time and opportunity given him but he wasted it?

Does a person who suspected of kidnapping students, one who affiliated with a radical group, one who let decay and lies spreading in order to seized the power still be able to develop the country? Even not a little they hadn’t knit back the broken country as their deed and how can they ask for the position?

If Pak Jokowi can free himself from the “irregular interests of rivals” and not be an angel for enemies, I think this is wiser for us as a nation that wants to build an shame civilization and culture! Hello gentlemen, Mr. SBY and Mr. Prabowo, who describe building the nation by asking for a ministers’ please learning be ashamed. .

If it is true that SBY and Prabowo want to develop the country, there are still many things out of cabinet can be done and this is far more dignified! I think the most urgent task of them are to clean themselves as soon as possible and then unravel the tangle you both did before dying, later you will not be remembered with scorn.

And if Pak Jokowi put SBY and Prabowo into the cabinet, I am the first people who are the most frustrated and losing hope about the right and inline thinking!! My comment is this country is lame!

So, that is true that our believe about Indonesian politics never be mature?

Later on, the ark containing two different interests will sail in one direction ocean where the people will be beaten by the grueling dynamics that have no end!

Two groups are in the ark, one is has hobby of ‘building’ the other is fond of mastering ‘negative building’, want to sail to achieve the Indonesian Dream of 2085? Excuse me!

Pak Jokowi, please consider your people who can still think straight and begging you not let their greed run rampant!



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