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My Political Will


Get so tired of seeing Indonesian politics. Definitely, there is desperate in our-mind if we only focus on the public space to be controlled by sick people. Then the uproar has been exposing us. Oh, my lovely Indonesia, pity my Indonesia …

The trouble maker group does one duping upon other duping and one lie is being denied by another lie as they like, they make rational people like being dysfunction and the law such as can’t touch them. Don’t be asked how angry we are, we are very angry with them!

Our anger should be able to move all elements to mute them on a large scale in the name of morality!

I think Prabowo is very aware, our hearts are filled with anger, hate until revenge them, we are sad, concerned, and any fed up we have experienced. It feels like our hands want to punch, our legs want to kick and our mouth wants to spit in front of them all; in each of us has gotten those emotions and sadly we only can do like those and they are still enjoy it.

Our feelings are like in their playing, when saw Jokowi and Prabowo hugged, we built a hope. When a peaceful campaign commitment was signed we liked the children who believe our father will come home with gifts; likely we don’t want to be late to pick up their kindness so the beautiful hope said for a better Indonesia were scattered everywhere at that time. We have been waiting for a long time until day gets dark, but Prabowo CS is still proud of their depraved game.

Ideally, the case of RS, can drag Prabowo and the genk to the court and throw them into jail, if we can do it, Indonesia has saved several generations.

I used ever proposed national reconciliation by removing the past with opening a new chapter, that’s the theory. Today I reflect it on the real form and what might be implemented? The dream was that the state created a National Reconciliation Committee (NRC). The task of the committee to open sin removal. All public servant had to follow it. Before removing sins, they had to fill any sins sheet that had harmed humanity and reduce the public needs. The sin of corruption, killing activists, illegal reference letter and unfair deeds, using power to have the personal will, trucking state’s furniture until producing hoaxes all would be deleted. The corruptors or anyone who jailed was released.

All sin would be denied with a number consequences such as returning property stolen from the state, civil servants on a priority scale fired, accepted social work punishment and making new commitments that all will be monitored by the KRN within a certain period tightly.

If it was successful and after the monitoring period ended, do you think they still dare to redo it and is Indonesia get better? How about the next generation does corruption again, so to become ‘cardboard general’ back, the position of candidate vice president is bought 1T again; perhaps the capital punishment will be applied in this country?; I asking to the wiggle-waggle grass.

I really knew the trouble makers expect the people to get social fatigue. I often pondered why the Prabowo cs can be so stupid and why they want to prostitute themselves in politic. Politic was very short. Life is short but politic more than short.

Looking at the dynamics of Indonesia politics means tracing the business of developed people to be disturbed by undeveloped people. Please exchange the diction of “developed-undeveloped” word with “good-bad”, “sincerely-full of guile”, “healthy-sick”, “sane-insane”, “a calm face-a distorted face like got chemical substance”, “cebong-kampret” (cebong and bat are tadpole and bat, idiom to diatribe), and “calmly controlled-stressed” or “stateman-cardboard”; whatever until you really explore the brutality of Prabowo cs then instantly you will get enormous inequality in two souls comparison; soul is mature and sodden; the lights of Jokowi’s soul is purple ‘mature’, the black ‘sodden’ should be Prabowo group’s properties.

All the stories of darkness of Prabowo and genk will end, the world will return to peace and Indonesia whatever for at one era or in one century maybe and after their bones destroyed, make sure it before comes we have berried the lessons to ripen our humanity. It’s too expensive we have paid if their brutality cannot improve the function of our citizenship better in the public space especially in private life and does not it make us more qualified human beings? Improved our quality is the antithesis of their brutality.

And the end, we are in evaluating the face of Indonesia, is evaluating our political will. Are we including the crowded people? The source of the problem? Want to abstain? Anti-kindness? Actually I was not worthy, I am not capable of, I was too imposing my will, I was sick, I was insane, I love hoaxes, I like negative things, I get wrong in friendship, I have tarnished morals and violated the law, I am ‘cebong’ in politics, but in non political life is ‘bat’ also and I was indeed ‘bat’:

For the inability to process the wrong in us do not sacrifice public and private spaces. Hold up the muddle just for yourself. If cannot be a solutions maker not be problems maker; we are fairer as creatures who get the chance to live and will lighten our steps when back to God one day.

Everything, we have tried it all from making satirical narratives to politize them. Also, the number of insult like “no Einstein!” “how dumb!” “they don’t have much between the ears” for them can’t be counted anymore and no limit in not spoken. Fortunately, all is still in control, nothing out the law as like our character as progressives group who uphold the norms and laws, but did they show improvement? Dumb! They are getting evil more, is yes!!

A hatred is indeed unable to encourage change and national reconciliation, it is only a novelist’s wish. About the undeveloped mind in them please do not blame the good intentions of people are less: they have lost their way.

Regarding Prabowo cs, they really are not important to us, but they are important for us to learn our humanity grows and not be undeveloped otherwise is mature, our soul is purple not black and dark. Honestly, an instinct has grown in our hearts that they are “useless” mortal for this country. I said in “useless” to change “rubbish”. And when we wake up and realize it, it turns out they are most sad than wreckage; this is the truth of ours: if they want to know our perceptions about them.

Prabowo and group, you all are very very sad!



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