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The Color of Ur Tree


I’m trying to review my auntie’s family-tree. My auntie was the-youngest-son of 6 siblings in my mom line. She resided until died in Kuala Simpang, Banda Aceh province. She died when I was still in junior high school. With eleven children, she like an owner of football club. Her grandchildren are 30-40 lives, her great grandchildren are 60-80 lives and her descendants are about 120-150 peoples if I calculated from my auntie as first generation until third generation (or great grandchild).

This writing for scrap review and not according to valid data, in my fast analysis totally the median children in one Indonesia family from 1936 generation (my auntie generation) to alpha generation (born 2010, generation-6th of my auntie’s descendants) is probably following the pattern like 4-6-3-2-2-1. So the total until fourth generation is 240-300 peoples, until fifth generation is about 480-600 peoples and until sixth generation is 480-600 peoples. We simple it she had 500 descendants!

Something want to tell you her descendants today lived in various religion (excluded Hindu may be) but all come from one; of her ancestor’s belief, Khong Hu Chu, at last it was legalized as religion in Indonesia. As I knew two sons who had converted to Islam long after she passed away.

From 500 lives if two sons embraced Islam I predict her family tree has contributed 48 persons in Indonesia Moslem population with assumption all descendants from her son’s descendants had got married except alpha generation and all remain Moslem (using 3-2-2 pattern). We summarize it 50 persons or 10% of 500 descendants.

The religions embraced by her descendants because of following her religion, following son’s couple or got influenced from friends or school and also because of situation pressure in Aceh; only a few of free choice as how we all come in to family with no choice then we were taught according parent’s religion.

In the context 100 years baby boomer (born before 1960) to alpha generation (born 2010), can we say the pattern of religion in family from initial religion of parent till the conversion religion generation by generation happened to follow amount of children, which 4:1. For instance 4 persons in used to be 1 person in now.

So the probability of her descendants still in first religion, Khong Hu Chu are still 250 persons, it’s remain 200 persons had to be Buddhis, Protestant and Catholic after cut 50 for Moslem.

All right, if we refer to historical things in my auntie family tree beside first religion like ethnicity, environment, economy and education so Kong Hu Chu is still dominant, followed by Christian (Protestant and catholic) in second level then, third is Budha and the last is Islam.

If 200 persons divided similarly to each religion of Buddha, Protestant and Catholic is equal 65-66 peoples: Wow! It is not bigger than 50 person Moslem right?

With the same factors, I see the similar pattern will be happened in other first religion family even Islam like in Minang or Aceh tribe. First religion still be dominant, then Christian in second place, Buddha in third place and the fourth is maybe Hindu or Kong Hu Chu or ancestor belief.

My thought is heavy blow to ‘datuak and mamak-mamak’ (brother sibling of my mother in law) who they used repelled us from my mother in law’s house in Payakumbuh (when I was in marriage, we all visited our mother) after knowing their cousin, my son’s father had converted Islam to Catholic from our identity card taken, they said no one Minang non Moslem! Then they threatened us that my mother in law’s house may be fired if we didn’t left soon!

I thought they miss information for that conversion Islam to Christian in Minangkabau has been begun since contact and trade relation happened between western with Minangkabau community from Pagaruyung Kingdom (1347–1825 M). Which Minang parsons likes Priest I.F.M. Salim alias Abdoel Chalid Salim (1904-1985), he was younger sibling Haji Agus Salim, national patriot, Priest Willy Amrul alias Abdul Wadud Karim Amrullah or AWKA (1927-2012), younger brother fatherly of Buya HAMKA and Priest Akmal Sani who a link said he had ‘remodeled’ Minang land “Adat basandi Syarak, Syarak basandi Kitabullah” (or custom according to syariah, syariah according to Quran) become “Adat dan Syarak basandi Yesus dan Injil” (or custom and syariah according to Jesus and the Gospel).

We need to correct the thinking we believed that no one adherent Islam in the full blooded Chinese communities like in Khuntien tribe (West of Kalimantan, Pontianak), Belitung or none Aceh guys who non Moslem; all is possible doesn’t need our intervention anymore today or future as for our body only we couldn’t sustainable it moreover to preserve the sustainability of a religion.

This case shows us Islam would more convert to Christian otherwise Christian to Moslem. Islam-Christian is two religions that always intersect in the same space, kindly head to head in ‘follower struggle’ or claim upon a perception or belief.

It is reasonable there is a stigma in Chinese Aceh that ‘Islam people is bad’ by intimidation to intimation they got. My auntie had ever told me that once upon time the local people using Islam law had slaughtered the pigs in Chinese cage brutally and one of them was her friend. They lost so much money and got bankrupt. It had made revenge but they surrender also because could not escape from Aceh!

My auntie would be very shock if knowing her 50 descendants were Islam. I can not imagine what happened next after new religions come in her big family. It more unify or segregate them you think?

Beside it I knew my father’s cousin (Chinese Bangka) was Moslem also. Apparently I have many families who are Islam right?

Try to see your family tree, there is new color not be same with first religion anymore? You can still review more accurate if you are generation-3rd or 4th. A few religions in one nucleus Javanese family in some tribes are so ordinary example. Lately we heard there is group who willing to screw up the peaceful condition like the case we found a Moslem father who very support his non-Moslem son and wife in delivering their religion but in the second become so intolerant until intimidate them.

Based on above information, on behalf the names who have experienced violence in religion and hey the doers please be aware how you can master religion from generation to generation while couldn’t make endless your body, maybe the leaves in your family tree fallen and it’s color changed, but if they live in moral than you heaven for them hell for you.



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