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The peoples have natural self-disassembly periodicity at birthday moment and the member of family or spouse was dead; we did not expect it but thats fixed occasions. That occasions we do not wish but its are happened like when commemorated or attended to funeral home, arrested by police, get jailed, in jobless, have big calamity or get married or divorce and get sick but all was over like the wind without getting wisdom frequently.

The heavier occasion should be able to give the chance to get ‘door prize’ at self-disassembly process, no a big wisdom like self-leap experience even ourselves couldn’t be touched. After that life goes back to the same place even though so many events that are only once time happened in there and couldn’t be repeated.

Actually that natural limited occasions had given the big contribution to bring out self-disassembly process.

Because nothing inner deepening and tabulation happened at natural periodicity, lastly the people who be aware to have self-disassembly making the special time through various ways like join the retreat, get self-holiday, visited the religious place and any.

These descriptions below to help us to understand that’s why to have care to do self-disassembly:

The first, everyday we interact with other. Like or dislike we absorbed everything; good and bad. Some days ago a friend mentioned that she told harakiri story of a junior student to his son was teenager also in order his son did not copy it. She was worried that viral story entered firstly into his son’s WAG before she could resist it at first.

As remembered she had explained “suicide” related only 3-4 times based on son’s question or not. One day she rebuked his son back about over using of gadget and took away his mobile phone again. She was more emotional than before. The problem of gadget have been old polemic for them like almost all families facing today. Suddenly his son said wanted to do “suicide” when his phone taken. She was very shock. How could his son could say like that?

His son said just for a joke. That’s point is we are unaware have taken all from this universe. Via five senses then its were kept in our subconscious. A few days ago I just read kinesiology, even the kinesiolog has did research and they believed that trauma was kept inside the muscle—I thought trauma had been received by five senses firstly (my personal opinion need to be recheck) then it’s excesses were accepted by physic, mind, mental and soul. If referring to two sciences thats mean the adsorbed occasion be kept in subconscious and the muscle. Can we say its add burden to ourselves later (?).

That’s mean of doing self-disassembly is discard negative energy in ourselves and return it nature back—the cistern needs to be drained, it looks like clear but the water ‘ourselves’ have been slimy and mixed adsorbed ‘outside feed’. The container needs to be unloaded to be checked, the broken was separated and thrown. In order the cistern can be filled the new and fresher water and the container is able accommodate the new burden to another plan of journey.

At any rate, we’re more be active human moreover not we’re obligatory to have routine phase of sell-disassembly like the cleaning time we have been doing like getting shower, cleaning house, cleaning hen cage and cetera.

The second our capacity is limited. By the time a part of taken will lose and a part stayed be kept. According to crock brain the human’s brain is more easy to keep the bad things. I’ m sure the burden of negative energy is more big and taking so many our resources. We didn’t know its were accumulated time by time. May be like this; the bad pile up the good; the distance of mind and reality was increase.

Eventually there is distortion in ourselves; the fair or more couldn’t be accepted anymore and relative bad couldn’t be thrown also, but we’re unaware to collect ineffective things again and again; we are stuck! As if in business, we had profit $400/months then after 10 years it’s result still $400/month. A doctor had 10 patients after 20 years operational practice still had 10 patients. If a designer couldn’t result new works, the works always be same time by time where the trending and needs have developed very far.

Our capacity still in young because getting stuck. I had found at my incredible experience when removed my life in Jakarta and left everything which that human have the powerful capacity. If you said I couldn’t change instead you never be disassembled.

The third, I believe when human be empty will have new creation process and it is not in full. After the capacity increased thus the new creation process happened by itself. Its never be imagined before, it such that ideas, spirits and energy were dropped alone and landed in ourselves. We just need to be a container in there.

Frequently do reflection as the principle of self-disassembly increasingly the new creation potency. Are we aware that million billion graces be spread in this universe? Only the people who often be disassembled would pick the grace. This potency also giving the experience of ability to process it for our mankind development, country, nation or our community and family.

Who do need do self-disassemble are the people who want have developed mind and life.

Doing self-disassembly continuously will make our mind be enlightened, progressive and constructive.

So many the great works will be born. Being more accommodated person than antipathy towards the political party, taboo towards the power had been changed “the power is only strategic vehicle to struggle ideas”; the negative side or impossible things to be relative positive and be possible.

It shed the negative views; bringing a more qualified life that the purpose of self-disassembly.

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