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Imagines each-of-us is like a container. Its always filled burden when come and gone. Have a container never be unloaded after arrived at a destination? But why the human forgot to disassemble at self until the destination ended.

Why the people do not give concern at self-disassembly case in while be unaware keep cramming at self even over capacity?

Self-disassembly is an awareness process about the current position to get it’s deviation between what we think with the reality. It’s deference was big? More differentiation means out of controlled bigger than under controlled area; among the thinking with the reality was happened of what we thought.

Like the children’s toys could be moving by themselves at night whereas that kid had slept beside them; we had lost of our control at what we done and what we said which it had brought the ambiguity, incompatibility and inconsistency; these are that’s deviation.

As instance case why any people prefer speaking but not focus in execution beside one has been attached with one’s comfort zone, also there are psychiatric problems, emosional and sosial intelligence issues. Speaking is activity can be done alone without any risk from collective friction that must be accepted when did execution. Nothing have open competition or fighting in there as well no need big collective support so that we can hide our scourges. I thought we all have personal scourges ‘fear’ right?

For personal security speaking is more comfort if compared to execute it. The energy was needed smaller. So many people have brilliant ideas but just a few people who were able and willing to execute it. Why? It’s probably a fighter character was not built up when childhood period or have wrong habit like relent as long as all were happy. Keep off the conflict, lack of confidence, weak respect towards own ideas and may be it was happened any misconception about the role of intellectuality and the choice to survive that had been the supposition; the causes why one wasn’t challenged to execute one’s idea.

Over talking or prefer to speak than execute, get broken too fast even though the war was not be started, too many complaints without act, so reactive whereas the reality was not always similar with we thought, too weak, too sentimental, too fast to accept situation and too relent where opportunity still open widely, so selfish though it can’t satisfy self or said the reality was so bitter but in the same time making the bitterness; that results the deviation between mind-reality; the ambiguity, incompatible and inconsistency are the instances from the self never or rare be disassembled.

Something was thought but not yet be reality but had done self-disassembly it’s probably to make small the deviation then the consistency potency, the linear relationship between mind-reality at least can be maintained and heading the primary current in balancing development as universe’s goal is the most important issue.

The principle of self-disassembly are reflection and strong intention. Be quiet and listen are two main elements of reflection. Be quiet and do listen are deliberately, be aware along be routine-active done are so nutritious for balancing personal scale; soul, mental and it’s mind self. Including to increase self-capacity.

Strong intention needs the bravery, out of the box thinking and creativity. The strong intention means wanting to allow our life being only container to the universe’s purpose. It’s more reflective is more strong intention to surrender idea “I am only container”. The reflection-strong intention dimension constitute an integral principle of self-disassembly.

The extreme point at self-disassembly is self-denial. Walking out from comfort zone is the common challenge in self-disassembly process, but we always will be enjoy at next comfort zone again after a self-disassembly periodicity ended. The people who can do self-denial would be free from the comfort zone case. The world had provided so many figures who had been successful to deny themselves from simple to complex level. How to know them just check they didn’t focus at self interest.

If can still feel any problem in ourselves, finding something is not maximal, it should be like this not like that—the signs of need to do self-disassembly soon!

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