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Jokowi is a person who bring goodness for Indonesia, Prabohong is who bring the destruction for Indonesia. Prabohong, SU and hoax coalition making him being a ‘cardboard general’. Our suspicions always lead to one person named Prabowo in any commotion occurs, proven bump face in RS’s scenario, a woman their fans. She did it because of the whisper of the devil RS said. Okay, who is the head of demon; of course is Prabohong (a ribbing for deceiver). Because of bump face of RS, Prabohong got new class, from a cardboard general level up to “Head of Indonesia Setan”.

One thousand lies were being proven a million slanders were being created; I lost words for them except “they are the criminals“.

After witnessing all the brutality they played, which the bump face of a grandmother, RS was a climaxed, what can we do?

For us, it is clear that BoSan group is not important, but there is one thing we need to think about and the public must be in a conscious position, that the real war is against “FRAUDULENCE“.

In every political years that I count from SBY, president before Bapak Jokowi, the provocative ideas have been used as shield by those who had no achievements. They are very focused on that shield, for what? For the sake of an ‘evil plan’.

It still be continued to 2014 presidential election then 2017 governor election in Jakarta. At beginning, they used the provocative ideas and making hoaxes in next. They do it so bravely even though today is so open age. Almost falsehood will be quickly detected kindly by netizen or officials, it is really not effective such as case of RS was uncovered so quickly; but why do they keep doing it so wildly?
Let’s go to a climax awareness that I hope it will be able to bring up a civil movement until the villages, so that the small people do not sell their voices, at least the movement can keep our voices.

Keep in mind that “dirty and cheating” is Indonesia politic. Realize it deeply that structured and massive fraud has been occurring in this country for a long time; then realize that an awful evil plan is being strengthened. It was hidden by provocative actions neatly! Lastly, at the highest point of consciousness, remember that the real battle is against FRAUDULENCE OF MONEY POLITIC!!!

The provocative issues like we are watching today, even I suspect “hiring a Trump’s political consultants” story, firehouses and all kinds of strategies spreading in sosmed done by themselves I think. They spread it in order the opponent make it grows for them. Be carefully!

Don’t hesitate to conclude about any deeds of them is all just “TRANSFER ISSUE” for a super-evil plan; doing fraudulence smoothly!

What is the meaning of all provocative issues and noise if they have no money right? We support our “Financial Transaction Monitoring Department” doesn’t be carelessly in this case. Maybe the big money is entering Indonesia tonight and nobody detect it. It can be!
So, regarding these issues, realize that they have deliberately made us busy until the presidential election ends. Forget it a party in democracy also leaving the fate of 300 million people, for them to win or not is about BUSINESS you know! Big money must be transferred immediately because local investors wont take a risk.

The difference vote for Ahok had caused an ‘unpleasant atmosphere’ we can see until today. A big joke has been blown out that Ahok deliberately wanted to get fail to prevent the riot! Nonsense! The issues like these will also be created again to cover their carcass. I more convince that they more acting as they want and more aggressively provoking people they are working hardly to bring big money in Indonesia undetected.

Do we realize that this country is corrupt? Do we realize what it means to cut 5 generations that we have been buzzed from before?—ANYTHING CAN BE BOUGHT WITH MONEY in this country. Keep in mind!

Indonesia politic is very dirty, I full heart to say that massive and structured practices of fraud election have been occurring in this country since Soeharto and increasingly sophisticated ideas until today and no one has yet revealed it perfectly. Ideally, it should be able to disqualify the candidate.

The cheated operator is ready to give their live and they would turn on by themselves. The grandfathers were the commander in the past and their grandson took over in now. It’s about money that everyone loves it and it doesn’t need survey to prove what I’m talking about. So, besides they have ‘money machine’, they also have a proven operator.

If the answer a vice president chair can be purchased 1 trillion what is the difficulty of buying this country with 20 trillion? It is still very relevant if we adjust to 50 trillion. It is only 2% of ABPN (National Budgeting)! Amount of 50 T is like candy if the values of lost and destroyed resources were accumulated.

Let we assume the investors only give 20 T, the purpose of the money not to print T-shirts right. Who are the most ignorant peoples want to sell their votes to be replaced a T-shirts? Nobody! Twenty trillion money to buy opponent’s votes! That’s it! That “difference vote” would be purchased instead of 51% votes; remember it! If the 2014 presidential election has 8.5 million difference vote, we assume 2019 is around 15 million (just 8.5%, once again don’t think our effort is 51%, only 8.5% you know). Isn’t it a very little? Let’s just round it 10% oke.

The story is the operators at each polling station are like satan’s children rising from the grave after years of starving. In 2019 has 900 K polling stations, just taking 17.4 T if 20 million IDR to support one polling station and remaining of 2.6 T for bonuses bu one polling station must give 20 opponent votes in terms. The ‘shadow teams’ have determine base price for one voice. By bird said 400 K for one voice in 2014, anyway we make 500K for one voice in 2019 okay and no rules, just collect 20 opponents voters;

Well, the polling station coordinators begin to strengthen the team and they need ‘noise’ to cover their acts. That persons are actually same like before, but usually there are guys who died, so they must to do a little effort to provide training in secret for new members. They determine jobs that who are the voice seekers, who are the troublemakers, who are hoax and terror spreaders, and so on. They are also responsible at polling stations until sub-district. As my result in research, I found so many varied and innovative fraudulence in polling stations; one of other was not same. If any polling stations using the same method of cheating due to their boss is same.

From that 20 million budget; 10 million to buy 20 votes and the remaining 10 million go to coordinator’s pocket. A coordinator only handle 5 polling stations can get 50 million IDR. They usually being so greedy in this condition, one ‘dressed thug village’ is likely to master 20 polling stations and the money of a coordinator can earn becomes Rp. 200 million bro and sis. Wow! Excluding the money of basic price cut and any deception deeds to cheat members. Do you think there are ‘satans’ who are not interested in this project?

Because they get lured for big bonus by the shadow teams as well as getting enormous pressure also, they will be so increasingly bravery to do anything ANYTHING!!! There are no rules, they such as drinking water of deceiving the public by giving empty lure until intimidation; that’s their expertise!

If they are successful buying 20 opponents voices in each polling station Indonesia will be broken! Difference votes 15 M will be reached!! This still not include any high level fraud in the sub-district and in KPU (Election Commission) that will be played also. This is not joke!! Year 2019 will be the final battle of all-out fighting for them, it likes the latest day for Orla and Orba satan. They would be ‘pulp’ in the ground after 2024; do you think they who 80s over can be like strong tree in wheel chair?; 2019 year is the biggest battle for Indonesia.

From 2014 presidential election I had observed that they published information just a bit until the campaign ended otherwise their opponent giving all information openly. They weren’t not want to do publishing information, they have so limited legal information you know; so… let’s we think that their winning strategy is taking place the “post-campaign” method; do you get the point what kind strategy is being implemented after the campaign?; “DAWN ATTACK“: FRAUDULENCE BY MONEY POLITIC“.

The question above I repeat again, what can the people do? Also read “Still Confuse?”.



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