Pos Nbefore

Never Before


Has never existed a president was being beloved by his people except Mr. President Indonesia, Bapak Joko Widodo. Has no former president has being mocked like SBY. No ever a president had being cursed totally bold to his bones beside Soeharto. All is happening in Indonesia my beloved country.

Never before there is a former murder and former president’s son wanted to nominate himself as president, the scheme of his father’s sin has being forgotten but how can he as son stills making noisy aside from Tommy. Only in Indonesia.

Never before a childish son of used president willing to nominate himself in presidential market in term to heal power syndrome illness of his father where he had’t any capability of presidential characters, not yet, his named Agus. Only in Indonesia.

Especially to Prabowo he was different of the others. He had three former names. Live getting enough as former not at top position; the former of Army Strategic Command Commander, a former husband and former candidate of president. Never before a former candidate of president who failed still wants to nominate again except Prabowo. Seriously it’s so terrible, I can’t imagine what I am thinking would happen if he got failure again—
never before a former candidate of president getting former title again…heee.

To compare Jokowi must use ugliness and villainy of his rivals because Jokowi is symbol of kind leader. Jokowi not keep a revenge even got insulted and slandered. Hs thought and outlook for future to serve his nation.

Jokowi being among them now.

If Jokowi is compared with three former titles owner, Prabowo it will embarrass Prabowo alone. Prabowo is circled murder charge of Trisakti tragedy, his support to religion and corpse playing at DKI-1 election and allegations communist and intolerance issue spreading in presidential election 2014. The people was afraid there are thugs behind him.

Jokowi is compared to childish son, Agus, welll, absolutely nonsense! Refuse to forget a memory of his unethical scheme at DKI-1 election, his father character was very bad, we underestimated of his capability and remember what his father gave at this country for along 10 years in power? His father should be aware and get rest from politic; is it name of power syndrome sick?

Jokowi is compared by a former murder like Tommy, clearly can’t be compared! One was killer one is not. Its clear?

Only can contrast Jokowi and the great man candidates who want to serve people, the peace lover, the hard worker, honest guys and a statesmen. Unfortunately these all components landed at his endorser.

The conclusion: the people still wants to be served by Jokowi until this country would get the optimal achivement if can.

Who did not wish Bapak Jokowi were Saracen, enemy’s robots, demo artisan by enemy order, religion trader, the hater groups, and the people can’t look kindness is kindness, the radical people, corrupter, Orba supporters, trouble makers, wastes, parasites, dirty heart, rotten people and satan.



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