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Before 2017-year will end, I’m Giharu, as writer would like to apologize to my dearly-readers. After I checked my writing back I got many typos also many lost words of sentences and of course will lose the part of whole meaning as a body writing. Many writings made from my misconception, perception-less and incomplete thought I knew.

At firstly this site published, I had wrote prime article titled “Berkah Dalem” and hoped the readers didn’t get lost in my house thinking as well finding a return home-way clearly. I already warned the reader please didn’t follow me! I wasn’t like the person you could follow because I would be aware that all about a process only.

A readiness needed to follow a process, you will be roll over with me (*o*). I am worried make you get lost and misguided of original keep that God gave you. I would felt much guilty if knew I had finished it you still were hectic caused my writing.

I don’t want to “ruin” you.. oops..its not rather fit by “ruin” word. Hnn.. may be I didn’t want to give “intervention” in your process…intervention is also not suitable word because we process each other. Forget it! Don’t follow me! I said don’t follow me was meant I and you liberated you come in when need. It’s size your need not mine. You answered my needs if you come caused I made knock knock. Therefore you would stay giving opportunity for my writing become your pearl. Imagine it was really wonderful when you were facing problem you would be met my writing and at the same time it could be ‘sugestivo’ to give rightly direction. My mocking writing that related you wouldn’t be easy to disturb your heart.

Analogizing you were being robbed at mid night in a unknown city, some times passed suddenly you got one hundreds thousand: If your necessity is exactly money my writing will become money to finance you to the home and if my writing like a kind policeman you meet it will take your fear by a welcome vehicle ride and bring you home. Lets presence of my writings present while need.

If you follow me time by time, we are together lost of freedom. Sooner or later my notification will make you boring. Believe me for this point: everything had expired time, I had passed it. I am not actress just a writer. At once I want to say a sorry to friends almost 6K who registered in my site that I was not ever add you in a newsletter like my plan before to set up it for readers. Later on I had decided did not use newsletter, I was worried my self not you would get boring..haaaa.

I’m not rare concern let say I don’t care about my writing can hurt or salve you. In case don’t believe my writing too much. For instance you eloped with your boy friend, your parent got stress and you were broken caused read my writing please free my writing. That adult people who had understood taking-removing concept and in term mutuality of help we take responsibility for each selves. If you would be hurt must find your solving if you got anxious find your runaway.

I like relationship style like readers and writer can liberate each other. There is a room we let it be mystery. From that mystery we continue to seek the meaning of life.

Be honest I tell you writing is my lantern. Do you understand my mean the writing is lantern that the writing is my soul’s process. My need not yours based on my side. Its very valid said that my writing is my soul’s process to seek the light. Deletes it in your mind for an opinion I was at an unknown place so that needy light. I took my process you take your process that is my mean. To process to face something before the decision taken., yeah…process… process.

This is process these are my writings. Once again I am sorry.



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