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Finally, the public is step by step has been knowing what we’re doing but the most important and principal thing is the public start gets the right message and proper about the manner we use to achieve the goal. We encourage appreciation of the simple things then simple ways became a fundamental of our moves. In simple ways there is the process a time by a day and a day by a season.

Achievement based on the process a time by a day and a day by a season such as a woman did sort out stones from rice. Her sensitivity formed from a process repetition all the time and it will give her the balance of when to immediate finish it and when to rise up cooking rice. Seems like slow but later world would be impressed the rose come out from the rock.

That the way we use it is a testing we prepare for ourselves. In order for this program that we do can give a double benefits, first to all parties involved in particular the team then for a small group that we strive for. This is what distinguishes an initiation that was built by the power of heart.

But he said there have been many seen me ‘us’ are sultry. Sobobanyu program should have been responded since long by many parties. It’s crazy! This incredible program Giharu! Should have got a lot of support when wearing media. Should this be exposed wide scale by the medias. This concerns the national issues and should the Government feels getting help! Should have… and should have… they said.

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There may be looking forward a video is more ‘wow’ about the suffering of farmers Sindoro Sumbing which is wrenching heart. There was even a friend in social media suggested in order I do an improvisation on my struggle, the goal to raise escalation against the support by creating the situation that can make people touched or as if necessary to make people crying.

Other friends said my experience walked alone at night on the highway Capital when want to meet volunteer could’ve been made into a reality show “Giharu Struggle A Lady Between Twin Mountain” let alone my difficulty while down up mountain penetrated fog with artisan motorcycle and let alone at the moments waiting in the street when the motorcycle tires broken while the heavy rain. Ouch Giharu! All that happens at night and in the way that there is no light! Let alone… and let alone…they are others said.

I think he haven’t heard my struggle on the morning which I woke up with heart and soul was calm.

The society likes ‘somewhat rare sensation’ in order can be moved, don’t just broadcasting what you do Giharu he said.

Many also suggested that cooperate with one of the television has high rating show so it can more quickly grab the support.

I’m not have prejudice against that ideas and such efforts has be done by others especially for the positives purpose. It’s opportunity even is large for us due to the fact talking on the field very much, about the farmers’s difficulties as well as my own struggle and all friends who gradually started to join this struggle, but I think is a bit I would be ‘impromptu artist’ and accept some ads model if wearing such that approach.

Until this second I did not expect my fate and doesn’t want to end up being a reality show although such ideas ever came up in my mind at the beginning of the struggle. After I pondered, the idea appears more caused of fears ‘first project’ in me is not finished. Now I see from the point of view that is more clear.

The struggle that we am doing is somewhat different with that occurred in public. There is a message I would like to share. The message is much more important than the outcome and it can only be maximized if wearing simple ways. This part of the exertion not to give a new distortion in any action in the future and also part of the contribution of support to sustainable development on a small scale. Because the core of this struggle is not me and not the teams but they are who we strive for. This struggle must be continued by anyone.

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Achieving the success in the universe working and in order to build durability then need to keep the momentum when to go down the mountain and when back hide in the mountains because of the popularity is not my purpose and should not be the goal of anyone that wants to get involved here. As I knew that splashy acting after seen it fully then as quickly as it will also be forgotten. Add the element of tears will not solve the problem because the Latin adage already told precisely the most quick dry is tears. The cinema continued to play movies that evocatived the heart, a production house also never stop producing knowledge that inspires humans to have an appreciation for the Earth, against the authenticity of and homage to the local people but how much after coming out cinema and the film turned off all passed like a wind.

Too many see but still could not be moved because is still at the level of look for and this world too many problems. Domestic affairs alone is making head dizzy. Even ones who dare to say this program is amazing and crazy and asked me improvising is not necessarily doing something out his personal interests then how did people in silence of a thousand languages?

The videos we made is always in the context that the small community that we support is not the object. Dramatizes with such force ourselves to maximize elements sinematotografi with hire video consulting it feels less suitable in building resilience based on simple ideals that we offer.

All communication kits such as videos in this site created by what it is and without accentuate someone first myself. I have always tried to let the party that we strive as being the subject and if the Giharu appears in video to mean it was time she appeared. Myself or anyone else is merely the servant of the universal values. Let the universe moves like the return the period of the our little kid innocence has long been lost. The message is there is more power than this world and this is a source of hope. If the universe is touched then it will touch up to the level of the cell.

To move the human heart do not expect can get enthusiasm such in controversial of clearance shoe rubber. So many shoes bag brought home without any message like make new problems on the old problems.

Maybe this writing not yet provide enough encouragement to join or move where you want to do something meaningful in life and maybe the new people reading this article will still say anymore why not ask media expose?

Well, at last the time coming, indeed we have been talking to a television for KNIH Program (another fundraising program to produce archipelago compilation book) and our approach is not exposing Giharu but the program but don’t forget the sooner invite media the faster show runs out but if the universe meet us surely bring more beautiful.

Let all go according to the corridors of the universe and the universe will not be late taking their part. Simple things and what it is going to sustain long-term stability for mankind. If life for the long term, then the ways such finding sensation, to build for the sake of popularity are being illegitimate goods.

We provide so many information about RPCAS in this site, including technical things, please start from Irrigation Program.

Please support The Development Plan of The Water Temple Sobobanyu: A Mount Irrigation System To Liberate The Soul!

HELP ME TO HELP US. Gets engaged in Petaru Program or more bigger contribution in KNIH Program.

This is 7th Sobobanyu Article with long title “The Manner: Sobobanyu Development of The Soul”.



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