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Till To Bhutan


Till to Bhutan also. This Sobobanyu’s struggle is really pretty amazing, bringing anyone wishing to fly together to penetrate the limits of imagination. Geographical boundaries was really just rhetoric. If just removing the hands from the window to reach the beauty too incapable you do may be the remain in your bone among unwilling live but afraid die also.

Really I never think this Sobobanyu program will bring together two worlds in a single piece of tapestry that unite us to fly on the same view. Watching a ‘life’ that it’s spirit of keeper the mountains. If there is a way you met on the silent side, surely the roads were constructed from materials of love. The technology only works providing a bit of ease but a love source of all things. Even to make a piece of hardest iron which also needed a great love.

Only love capable of carrying humans in most high level of understanding and overcome all things hidden in our hearts. If there is a lamp until can illuminate your way in there then please be sure it’s fuel came from love certainly. As such, always and so; a purpose built from love. Beautiful and always will be beautiful but must be paid with much price.

Friends from Bhutan who recently first met on Linkedin who had joined as Petaru (supporters of the ideals of Giharu), which Brothers Sangay Wangdi and Brother Karma Wangchuck were really gave a very deep sense to struggle the program “The Development Plan of Water Temples Sobobanyu (RPCAS) “. Likewise, I expect our presence through Petaru also gave benefits to both of you.

For RPCAS in particular, I felt the support of Sangay Wangdi and Karma Wangchuck are a sign we are not walking alone. The universe is always defended by giving way.

Hello, Sangay Wangdi and Karma Wangchuck, this article as my promise to introduce you guys via this site and if you guys read until this paragraph, try to throw a view far away into the Southeast, then landed to where I reside now while setting up a song from Enya, Only Time below. Can you guys feel the mountains bind us? Not all Petaru were joining can move my heart to write, you guys are different. You a both got my attention because you guys are Bhutanese; happy men! Only people who are happy that will easily capture the glow of the happiness of others.

It feels like my chest is rather roomy, as if the gases of GNH (Gross National Happiness) they achieved as Bhutan people united with my GPH (Gross Personal Happiness). It’s message to the world is like a snowball rolling from the top of the North Himalayas—work done from the uterus of love will bear love, beyond boundaries, touching all the joints and until these eyes were closed yet will be never end of it’s beauty: this is a fundamentally why we can be inter-connected as light as cotton. Nothing is a coincidence because life has a mystery.

Although associated with the shared economy by the mutual-ism program that I built through Petaru which allow we to support each other, I’m with my social program and they with each business but again not because of security issues especially economic affairs that united us. Connected world because there are only three issues, e.g love affairs, the economy and security. I guess Sangay Wangdi and Karma Wangchuck have been starting to gain one line understanding that the love united us.

Sangay Wangdi and Karma Wangchuck are the small entrepreneurs in the tours and treks (their profiles please click the logo under the video “Petaru Talks” on the right side on home page). From 1500 tour agencies in Bhutan perhaps they were simply wildflowers without name at the foot of the Himalayas, the support of 700 USD to join in the Petaru is absolutely not small for them. I really knew it and highly appreciate it and infinite gratitude over their trust. This is an honor for me, and the whole team Sobobanyu and YPG. When I heard the Sangay’s statement “we are not rich but happy buddies” I such like getting the trek which I have been looking for; “I’m going to start from Bhutan”. Yesss!!!; “I’m going to start from Bhutan”. Yesss!!!

Sangay Wangdi and Karma Wangchuck is my path to speak to the world through Bhutan and I am a way for them to get into Indonesia for their business. I’m sure we’ve received with open arms, about each other respective strengths and weaknesses and offering an understanding development inter-nation. The structure of partnership obviously wear model Philanthropist to Business and hopefully get to the level of Philanthropist to Government.

About Bhutan you can googling, so many information scattered in there. I’m not interested in rewriting what had been written ones as many bloggers did to simply grab the ads. But the reason I wanted to start this from Bhutan needs to be given the red marker. This is related to the objective and the role that I took as a writer who built the balancing and the mutual understanding between nations. My invitation to pursue the value more than material has has evidence when Bhutan the only country in the world that measures happiness as yardstick of development. As a constitutional monarchy country in the landlocked of the valleys and the feet of the mighty Himalaya, Bhutan may can be said is slowing of the acceleration of the world, since the surpluses of happiness.

If you want to be smarter then go to China but to discover the wisdom of life should go to Bhutan.

Bhutan became very special to me because of the messages that I want to convey to the public has become their daily life, and passed down through generations. No exaggeration when I said Bhutan is the biggest laboratory of human wisdom but modernization could not be stopped anyone and finally, as the latest country utilizing television I really hope the wisdom taught by the mountain kept protected until whenever in Bhutan.

Related to RPCAS, this struggle is enough to make hot head and hairs loss were not inevitable again. There are always obstacles in the journey, it is commonplace in the struggling. I always and always did not want to put the funds as the main problem though it is true no funds Sobobanyu could not be realized, because immediately the beauty of Sobobanyu vanished when the fund as protection. I think all the teams agreed for the choice of realization to Sobobanyu likes making soft ‘bakpau’ (Chinese bread filled nut or minced meat), superfine, white and sweet because was processed with full of love. Love gives ability in patience and diligence because of the quality and the long-term is the goal of love. The hard bakpau, it’s rough skin and it’s color dirty and not happy to enjoy it like building up Sobobanyu become to a pond without the knowledge, whether the development can solve the problem instead of becoming affair, anyway become the project as we knew government’s projects built with forked heart. Stuck or built but it’s function does not meet the minimum requirement.

The eyes of a little girl on the hill of Sindoro who bite pumpkin is indeed always be inspiring but which I am thinking the dry period will soon arrive. Two weeks ago I saw the farmers of Sindoro Sumbing almost finished harvesting the corn, it means corn a replacement of rice began to be prepared because the uncertain time in a very long duration will be faced—the fields will be planted with tobacco back—a fate the same will be spoken in the book of hill man’s life.
This article related Sobobanyu is one of my way to talk to all parties in order to participate in the irrigation development of Sobobanyu, just enough to join in the Fundraising program below (indirectly book purchasing program). Write up to 1000 articles yet will I do to approach the heart that can be touched that probably still be far from our magnetic stripes. Please close friend of life I hope…

Because the humans are like the wind, comes from nowhere and gone somewhere where no one knows with certainty as well as the support we receive is part of the mystery of Sobobanyu but the majesty of God can be found in the life and death are happy. Bhutan has led us.

:: A Song from Enya, Only Time,

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This is 8th Sobobanyu article with long title “Till To Bhutan: Sobobanyu Development of The Soul“.



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