Giharu Si Perempuan Gunung

Generous Diversity-4


It such as the hot and cold air had become a-tradition-in-the-season, the-beauty-of-flowers had become the common scenery in the heart then. The violence that occurred in this Earth has been as reasonableness on behalf of a solution since the fragrant flowers is no longer able to make a generosity grows on behalf of the soul.

The violence be undertaken upon a good cause is a epitome of helplessness of human facing various issues in the world. The elegant ways are already undesirable, even for a good cause a violence is remain a violence! The violence for a goal of evil, again and again is demon orgies within human body, if not violence, then it’s the violence!

The violence which opposed by the violence will get a resistance even bigger than before because the people who are uncontrolled will attack the system’s psychological of ones that had good aims.

I knew, it is very often not able to apply tenderness to cover the violence when dealing a painful fact which there’re groups who their soul had broken and really not can be repaired anymore while life should be running normally as soon as possible. The approach of weapon used to combat others was a hard choice for generosity and was a bitter option for endurance of stability.

This article would like to invite all of us re-think it back in regard for shared interests, especially for world leaders. After all this time in violence responding by each other, whether the world is more peaceful? The high level who warring but the grassroots who always get it’s consequences. Here’s what I mean they will attack psychologically. They will use the civilians as a propaganda to achieve their goal and ‘the first leaders’ really really already knew all about these case!

If we believe, no singular thing, even Boko Haram, ISIS, Abu Sayyaf, Al-Qaede, Santoso and probably still a lot of cells that have yet to appear are the roots of the unfinished problems in decades ago and now it’s time they show the teeth. Knowing the violence answered the violence, we always remembered the pesticides spraying by the farmers, whether the pests were reduced? The pesticide had produced the mutant—the violence has given rise to the new violence.

How they are so ruthless or how they are so evil or how we hated them so much and although I also often had an opinion their “behavior” like animal but they were the human. If we believe the constructor of the human’s soul is a virtue, at one moment is always available opportunity to them to connect with their heart that the most sacred although only a second. Although one second only, but one second can change the viewpoints at all about themselves and their world. Do you believe the possibility is always existing?

The increasingly connected world will increase requirement of stability. Humans who categorized broken will disrupt the stability. In addition an imprisonment, the death is for them. I also thought like that before and I think all of us who are very angry will expect their deaths. The death is the most powerful way and a fast-track solution to reduce the global burden but for all of these, please be sure the death resulted from both side response of violence is the climax of hopelessness of human.

The mystery of the creation was no have a meaning when the issue resolved with just a death.

With the requirements of the stability can not be postponed but a military approach keeps going on and the world is desperate increasingly while the seeds of hatred spreading incessantly. Perhaps the generations of our children who will get it’s consequences in 10 to 20 more years, which it could have been greater than now over the mistake we did today. So that’s the question: “What actually we are completing right now?” It can be said the problem was indeed never finished right? Like there is no way more ‘cool’ can be done during this technology era?

If you asked me, I probably also haven’t been able to provide a right ideas-contributions for these complicated issues. With my capacity how could I reach it? With my big concern for the world peace…whether any meaning? I’m just one of a huge wave of the world who want the world more secure and peaceful.

I was more comfort, if looked at myself as a mother. This paper presenting and made in 4 series because my heart was very very sad when saw a photo of Syrian’s child with mournful eyes, sustained by a stick and had stared the future with one foot. His left foot was crushed until the knee. I can not stand looking at their pain anymore.

The resentment is clearly should not be sown because it’ll only be a source of new problem. This is instead a matter of Islam or Christian. This is not related to religion at all! This is the problem of all mankind. So, please stop all provocative statements! If not could be a source of solutions, don’t be the problem maker!

So many attempts made to the world, any consolation or any site visit to the refuge center, donation, spicy critique, the various writings and even so many photos that were so piercing our conscience uploaded in many medias. Everyone cries out #STOPPED!!!!! On the one hand we were sometimes so desperate, very sad but couldn’t do anything only praying.

I think, the power of sponsors and the mediators become the key settlement of all conflicts. The parties as sponsor and mediator must have a noble heart, have a humane diplomacy, capable of opening the insight, have no conflict interest at all and the last is can be trusted by both side in conflicting due to are neutral. It is not easy being an impartial party. Everybody brings his nature.

Why does the UN not do to involve third countries then which these countries do not have the power of force of arms like ‘first country’, for example Indonesia, because the weapon’s sponsors and moderators or their affiliates can propagandize the negotiations.

Indonesia as my country is famous to soft diplomacy and I’m very sure Indonesia capable of being neutral. Placing problems on the actual portion needed the patience to hear both sides. Our culture did not know the violence, easy to understand and rich with very humanist local wisdom. Our nation has been very thoroughly tested and passed by so many disunity and difference but of national unity “Bhineka Tunggal Ika” is always wins.

We need to remember that what the world is doing today with various progress, the thoughts, any impact reducing emissions below 2°C, 17 sustainable development objectives as well as the development in various sectors done by any countries, surely all to sustain a sustainability of life. A thoughtful long-term in the weapons approach, while weapon approach is simply fulfill the short term goal! Can you find there is no synchronization in there? Violence is the antithesis of a goal!

Let’s say it has to wear the guns, but for this short term efforts it should have balanced by dozens long-term efforts, if not the world will never be at peace! I included the people who are optimistic that the issue could be resolved if no weapons. My optimist has a clear basis, which the weapons will only make the world gets increasingly garbled! The weapon only educate human was killed or killing. As so simple as that and does not has an education besides a revenge only in there.

If more do not have a long term solution as a substitute for short-term excesses, a long-drawn-out settlement by military ‘violence’ will make good and bad people no have any difference.

Why did we forget the vaccine strategy, is it a vaccine derived from a virus was weakened? The hackers were embraced as said by Sheryl Sandberg, CEO of FB, “It’s time hack by the heart.” We may should not be tired to develop dialogues, low-level diplomacy, heart to heart approach, using the humanist ways in contrast to violence. And even highly likely wear ways a comedian to solve the problem!

Yes! What is the most needed in the world of the future is not the progress but the stability. Progress without stability would not be useful. What was built in a year will be crushed overnight quoting a said Mother Teresa from Calcutta. Stability cannot take place without the generous hearts. Generosity is a manifest of compassionate heart. A heart full of compassion will pursuit the elegant ways.

A heart full of compassion will invite you to see a very far perspective in life goal execution by the universe. Why the men were created different and in difference must build the harmony. Why human’s nature was happy despite had any the grief. One of the important discovery in there was the sources of settlement of sponsor must be clear and the parties who a more sane should give a light. It sounds crazy but crazier if no peace in the world immediately. So many global energy exhausted to handle the recurring and unfinished issue like these. They are very too much to can be described here. We all are so tired.

The generosity that isn’t coupled compassion will narrow the meaning of life as on an appreciation the world diversity is a blessing. You’re just going to be generous to people who in your side or who will only give benefits because the source of the mercy was not crystal clear.

The world will continue to be covered by goodness and badness until whenever. In the context of man is the seed of virtue of universe, we need to develop the idea that human beings can no longer be distinguished of result of his deeds or his evil and good thoughts, but people are separated by the reason. From those reasons, we can unearth the most sensitive of a human being. It’s time we touch their heart, don’t call them terrorists again in terms they also get starting to believe that they are not terrorists anymore. The new thinking can be started. This is a small step but very important for long term solution.

The olfactory nerves may not function to identify taste like the fate of the flower never be known from it’s fragrant. Without the names and no any rewards were the souls who have been sacrificed for the “better world” and are those who levied a not understanding among ignorance of. Is it a heart still located in the left of chest?

Victimized over the lack of understanding is absolutely outrageous for a future that still contains the hope.

Look at the photos above. Come into their eyes deeply and finding their sorrow. Where the mercy so an emptiness can be found in his soul was still so green? And why the hope must be built on the wreckage?

To whom it may concerned, had in conflicting, anyone, be united anyway. Finds the way out with full heart. No one problem can not be fixed if discussed with an open heart. It is not time to blame each other. STOP HOSTILITIES! NEVER HORROR! STOP THE GUNS! OH GOD STOP BLOOD FLOODED THE EARTH! ENOUGH NOW ENOUGH! NOT ANYMORE!

Whoever the victim or for any party, if we want to be honest in the corner of this little heart, we’re not expecting it, we deeply saddened because the disintegration isn’t the nature of human life.

This is the 4th series of diversity (finished). Read also at first of diversity in Diversity: Innocent, the 2rd series Diversity: SARA, and 3rd series Diversity: Give Up.



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