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I just remember when took short course in Flower City, I heard many Non Moslem girls were impregnated deliberately then. His boy friend asking the girls to embrace Islam because he want to responsible otherwise hands off. The homely girls who still tightly hold the eastern culture ‘the owner of virgin is husband’ were very ashamed and convert to Islam. Some cases the girls still stayed Islam until die and others back to old religion with hardly struggle.

By mouth to mouth this case spreading and almost never exposed by mainstream media. Firstly news came from victim to internal circle victim then vastly overspread at last. It had generated unstop anxiety in Non Moslem people until today, one is my brother. While nephew my brother’s daughter wanted to get university in Bandung she didn’t get approval as that reason.

The critical news on that date, “dating, impregnated and been Islam” program is deliberately taught by their leader. Frankly this is seem like an under controlled program. I many guess that beside them HTI and FPI as well a few Arabic and khilafah group of Islam. This issue had been running during 25 years since my era to my nephew. For 25 years how many targets they caught roughly?

Traditional thinking at women snared in name of love. There were had truly love of men but many cases only because of be impregnated, be married, made them Islam then be divorced.

Mualaf women had got talak or not having social bonding with new big family and new surroundings and as morally toward his choice [his new religion] and son. They had been facing all alone after out ‘detached’ of their first family and community. No have power to return even having a willing to in which triggered marriage problems. For instance there are threaten of children will be seized if women back to old religion or monthly child support will be stopped. The former husband still had control at his religion. They utilized religion to trap and threaten.

A lately case after marriage, a woman who had married by Islam [converted by marriage] got threaten blasphemy religion by the head of mosque when wants to back his first religion, a conversion statement signed to be his alibi. Its not blasphemy religion case by the law we state unequivocally.

As fellow of immigrant in the world, we need to ponder about all much and its not necessary to do blaming one of other. Lets say one day they reached goal where the only one religion in the world so where is the sense spreading function? It wouldn’t have been spreading off for that time because the quota is full? Noprob if the spreading to do to consolidation faith, thats I’m asking why not to do it at existing adherents now why must give much focus to unformed adherents?

As long an obsessive of numbers in religion approach the quality of faith becoming victims. I can’t understand why that groups are so crazy with the statistic number about total of adherents. In business for instance please try to produce unqualified tempe, do you think can hold sales amount? No customer wants to close the stench tempe is they have known. Your bad tempe was talked mouth by mouth without you care. If just the trader chasing quality how could be religion did not to do it?

Chasing quality will result quantity automatically but pursuing quantity will decrease quantity back precisely because quality was put aside! If a religion to be developed for long term why quality shouldn’t be pursued? To adding and holding adherents issues are not trading calculation Bro. Ideally the effort of spreading of religion have to include God’s hand, who care about statistic! Don’t be panic with statistic! Afterlife your statistic is waste eternity. Meaningless if you wear any way because if God want can change stone to be his follower.

I mean to reveal this case are; firstly I want to confirm to the victims that you had the right totally to design your future, your faith and religion. No one can disallow even you are faithless. The belief and religion chosen must be suitable at conscience, free of under-pressure and coercion in order the conviction chosen can develop your humanity perfecter not otherwise even though the perfection is belong to God. If your humanity developing your religion or belief was developed also, such that your religion in one line with the purpose of God’s creation.

My focus in term you get your freedom as it is your right in order you are whole as creation, about religion is your personal thing. I don’t have concern for a religion or faith is perverted or the party who had claimed the most true.

To the parties who had highly sophisticated faith STOP NOW wearing ancient ways because you disavow The GOD and harm your own religion. You all are so over acting to show as the creature who had problem!

For those who had cases related violence in the name of religion, intolerance and ethnic please IM to my FB DI SINI.



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