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To-do-point, I am sure many people will agree with my opinion that potency of fraudulence in Prabohong group is so horrible than Jokowi’s group. Getting awful also means getting worrying. As personally, I say it is pretty dangerous. Everyone already knows the answer why and I don’t need to repeat it here. Politic is not sterile YES, but we are not talking about Jokowi anymore, the continuity as a state in our topic; don’t let Indonesia be sold by the hungry power groups.

To be honest, I am also confused and don’t know what can I do if you asking me a solution to overcome the potential cheating in 2019 Presidential Election. The problem of fraudulence election is nation’s scabies that might only be solved with amputating some generations. Differentiate to overcoming fraud with a campaign effort. The campaign effort is to win 51% of the vote while the attempt to overcome cheating is talking about the mentality of the nation. But in the context of winning the 2019 presidential election, we might be able to simplify strategy.

It is not easy to reveal cheating in Indonesia democracy like this. They did very neatly and like to break down the working group to the smallest extent team and making them are not interrelated each other to avoid the criteria of “massive and structured fraudulence“. It is clear for them that it doesn’t get a benefit on not massive and structured cheating.

Some things I am thinking which:
First, it’s useless if not do in massive and structured work as well if police took an effort like arrested or deliberately trapping the perpetrator. I don’t think Success Team will focus this effort. Bawaslu (Election Trustee Body) will only conduct re-voting at polling stations occurred fraud by the report. It’s useless really, the votes in some polling stations in total votes and usually, the psychological voters had collapsed when did re-voting because the result affect.

Second, because the concentration must be given to other election process or other important things to be another obstacle faced. Like in Ahok’s case, Success Team chose to forget it because of the 2019 presidential election is waiting for. Kindly focus on a new victory rather than old defeat he said; like that’s pattern had been occurred a long.

Third, cannot bring fraud cases to the Supreme Court if the difference is very large then re-voting in all station is very difficult done. No party has ever tried to up it to the court and Supreme Court would reject it immediately.

Fourth, in the election law, has no strict and clear rules in the massive and structured fraud and disqualifying candidate sanctions if fraud was proven also. Massive and structured criteria more accommodate the quantity than quality; it automatically negates the quality of the candidate. It should be able to bring the fraud case proven to the level of disqualifying the candidate, it should be able to! Seemly, it can’t be fixed until Indonesia was over if just expected the candidate drawback from an election as moral responsibility if they are proven. The quality of Indonesia politician is still a goat class.

Fifth, if KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission) can catch hand the KPU officials who fraud involved, whether it can disqualify candidate directly or re-election totally to be carried out? A significant change of elections happening in our country if it can be done; might be like looking for a needle in the sand.

We are frustrated because such as nothing we can do besides sending a prayer. Is a prayer still has meaning if you see the hectic dynamics in Indonesian politics?

But just to know, all massive and structured fraud will occur if they have investors who are interested. Investors are also not stupid and carelessly spending money without being sure to win even how big the promised barter. Investors also have their own calculation of who will win. The question is any investors still give money in huge risk? The only evil financiers who got their interests were blocked will do it!

I always see that politics is about money business for a hoax coalition. They will take two ways which looking for affiliates to ‘sell Indonesia’ to international investors or through Indonesian investors, then the prospective Indonesian investors will re-business it again in ‘international sale’: all of them, politics is money for them, it’s their nature!

Maybe these are we can try to do:

  • Sends an open letter to investors. Make a move and encourage their nationality in order to investors not sale conscience and country for business. In the business framework actually, they will not be cash cow anymore in a clean government. Remind they are part of the nation’s development and finally, convince investors not spend money if not expect losing money because Jokowi’s victory just waiting for the time.
  • Builds relationship to investors . In addition to flooding the internet with letters of sympathy and encouragement, perhaps the volunteer alliance, organ representatives and Jokowi’s supporters beside parties can make gathering to the big investors. Don’t think all business owners are evil. They are actually pragmatic, so there must be parties can raise the nationality of investors. Embrace entrepreneurs and touch their hearts from the other side…
  • Makes a petition to reject investors who playing money politics. Asking investors to use their funds to strengthen humanitarian and social work and the results of the petition can be used as a reference when meeting.
  • Encourages KPU to be professional and doing for national goal. Reminds KPU not to do illegal and unfair things because the people do monitoring very tightly and actually the names in our hand who are the players.
  • Supports KPK to monitor money game seriously, especially for KPU officials and parties related to the Success Team and all coalitions.
  • Lastly, strengthen the voice guard from polling stations to sub-districts. In addition, related to the campaign strategy that it must be an extra-serious effort to substitute the vote lost at least same in the amount of lost, so the portion bigger than 51% can be achieved.

In the picture of the horrible fear of fraud, I always saw Indonesia will be safe.



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