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There is a feel that was very profound and highest urgent but could not be revealed all. About the-current-condition of our mother father Sindoro Sumbing. In this narrow space, I do much prayer, let they speak it. Beyond all limits. If the limit is plan, uncontrolled desire, sense deception, duping, narrow purpose in the name of small communities project and all idea and thoughts which coming from haywire heart. Then through it all!

I might be a bit ‘trembling’ so a reflex thought about Iwa Kebo, a giant man in Bali’s legend that I have been written in The Simple Life Trilogy book and hope Iwa Kebo do really appear on Earth of Sindoro Sumbing. Stating his anger before the real anger breaking the sky.

As yesterday goes by yesterday, when I was on the most romantic side in the arms of Sindoro Sumbing, the pain always came up same. Your whispering blown by the wind, so soft when it arrived in my heart. You have been screaming, calling out for help. You guys bothered me personally. Yours pain has been being my headache.

Usually I was a lot of speechless, a little tired and stooping my head and found wild grass was trampled by my feet remain green. A understanding no need to be requested given. But when standing up looking far into the front, on that point again: a vision that has been written in books about the great land. The results of farming were being fat. Its’s mountaineers had a “clear view” although there is no moon in the field.

Oh Mother, Oh Father, Oh, Sindoro Sumbing how can I do? One hundred meters climbing I was stertorous. How to keep this vast land? Protecting that land it meant maintaining a civilization that pro universe in while around the full ‘purpose’; the eyes had closed heart has frozen all subject to serve money. Humans have lost the cool side.

Then I stopped on a stone-colored blackish. The stone was thrown when the Mt. Sindoro was exploded probably around the 1000 years ago. It’s size of about 5 five adults. Oval shape is somewhat elongated. The words of the ancestor that the village protected from the dangers of eruption materials due to be held by the stone. Approximately eight months ago I found that stone after almost 3 years it was wrote in my book.

Before moving from Jakarta, 8 years ago, in a time of chaotic I often went to Sindoro Sumbing-Jakarta. As I recall in the past there is no stone when passing that area called Watu Gede now (large stone). There is no farm fields on it, the way it’s been fixed. If my memory is correct the stone I saw is a part of the wall of Mt. Sindoro pops ups among wilderness, meaning Sindoro has been exploited with so incredible. But it seems the local peoples close the mouth because may be it is an action of massive togetherness against nature.

Each of the long dry season, the hands of naughty play within smoke, when the rain almost comes it suddenly so many hectares of new field have been planted but when fog greets the visitors were so exited, their mouth locked but heart making words, too bad if the beauty of Sindoro Sumbing is not utilized use the words of the owner of visitors.

I’m so like ‘starched’ when hearing so many suitcases filled money has been flowing here by the ‘special way’ certainly. Many fields have changed name! People said in the close time, we will be easy meet the desert music, kebab, a man full beard. Hooray!! Mother father will has a son-in-law from wilderness. Who knows! Maybe several mountain girls was pregnant their son. (I apologize if this writing is rather harsh, doesn’t have hate, for me as long it be done by procedural nobody can be sued) It’s only a matter of time, much of archipelago emerald will change like Puncak Bandung and after 10 years later we all will be socked like we have been shocking with the Puncak today. THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD TAKE A BREAKTHROUGH RELATED OWNERSHIP OF LAND AND IT’S FUNCTION IMMEDIATELY! This issue of the land, local people, identity and the sovereignty of the nation! Read The Sobobanyu Development of The Soul: A Belly Dance.

Some comrades expressed their sadness when was seeing the condition of Sindoro Sumbing while I’ve not been able to cry again. Come on friends, we unite the sadness and do something to our country!

There is no quiet season for the mount. Exploited the local people mercilessly. Identified people to establish ‘citiness’ on mount and if we directly asked where the apparatus, where the state will only complete the suffering mother father. Assume the same problems that keep recurring and never fixed in this country so remember the commercials ads of thats popular soy sauce “it is tradition”. Very painful for a great nation blessed so much abundance!

I may lose the ‘rill guide’ and begin to expect more magical as level as Sri and Sadono intervened. If this a mantram be mantram! I speak to all of you the eternal keeper of Earth and sky of Temanggung, which resided in the foot, on the slopes and at the top of Mount Sindoro Sumbing please do something but do not get destroyed! Because a bit ROAR alone is enough to make the hubris and greed scuttled

We should be very afraid with the mountain. The story of horror in the mountain was really alive. Nature is more sensitive than a baby. Nature’s wrath and will come up against. All will be in vain but something retrieved from a broken heart it’s futility will occur faster than natural standard time. Like the Lamborghini obtained from illicit money it’s luxury just enough bring to “Tanah Kusir”.

By knowing everything alive without the need of cause in the mountain we should realize that the mountain was a sacred place. The mountain is hilly and their bellies forward showed up there was something meditating inside. The magma that is keeping to be cooked are the collective emotions that continue to accrue and will one day be exploded out when it’s agonizing.

Especially Sindoro Sumbing and some other mounts that famous of its’s power of magic, not once having not good mind there. Believe me, they will pursue up to your descent. Local people have already received it first. The farm did not result well, the difficulty and the duping which they will have been receiving until today without power to reject it, that is the fate wrote by themselves besides the injustice of system.

The idea must be thrown beyond general intelligence. If you want to build a mountain community then that should be the basis of developing is letting nature being itself. The mount has a way to solve their case, when should they sent the wind and when must to bring down the fog. The mount is a personal not inanimate objects. Even the real the stone is creature. I’ve touched it and got it’s feeling, so big energy.

Indonesia is blessed to have so many mountains. The UNITED NATIONS have entered the mountain as one of the seventeen world Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and this should open our discourse and thinking about what we should do for the mountains. Read The Sobobanyu Development of The Soul: Sustainable Development.

One hoping. About the lady that her end hair pulled out leaves and flowers, the avatar of the Goddess Sri, which is continuously monitoring. Her hair has been spreading and bonding each ground root .

In the beginning, this earth was shrouded fog. Full of wilderness. Nightingale dominated. The story of the tree never have fruit but removing issued sap. Till to the understanding that sap apparently hardened tears. Investigated, apparently came from the eyelid of a haired floral lady. She is keeping on to make a white snake alive….

Temanggung energy like the fog penetrates blankets and come to you every night. It able to take you on an experience of ‘trance’ yet requires full heart. It’s hard to live on a mountain with full of disputes because will fight never ending in you! Trance experience is the experience of watching oneself lousy. At one stage the fight Bharatayudha in human being and hoping successfully controlling Kurawa and arrive at a clear view “vipassana”.

The lady his ends hair bring out leaves and flowers have come to the cities, they now are under the columns of houses and walls of the building, coil around you. We are only distinguished from a distance, once releasing when sultry will vibrate the mother earth. Anyone who looks at the top will bow hitting his chest.

Save our mountains more than anything! As we are all born from mother father. The benefits of caring for mother father in order have long-lived, arriving until the goal.

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This is 4th Sobobanyu Article with long title “Sobobanyu Development of The Soul: Vipassana”.




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