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And now spinning in my head. Maybe will be broken in the close-time…heee. This is the-fifth-writing seeking support for Development Plan of The Water Temple Sobobanyu (RPCAS), but only two parties joined since fundraising program socialized officially. We cheer up ourselves,”Maybe they’re busy or proposal tucked in other documents or may be our email landed in spam box.” May be that may be this. All are possibilities in uncertainty.

Only a conviction that is able to transform uncertain thing into be certain. The Water Temple Sobobanyu certainly built—be sure it!

In addition conviction, must be clever to entertain the self but also have a sense of ‘worried’ as I’ve experienced several time ago or some teams also. As long as under controlled, the worries will not do away conviction. The sense of worried is necessary to be needed in order to remain remember as ordinary people. A sense of worried, restless is natural human sensors in term to survive. Turn on a little side of humor will make it calm.

Turn green or tawny? That’s the question in the uncertainty.

Uncertainty giving a challenge of mind processing to stay positive and focus on the final goal. The vision was already disclosed must remain become a compass. When on a deeper stage will probably feels scary because resources increasingly be multiplied and potential of pain, upset more formed yet I believe my theory that at the deepest stage the fears will be modified become the power.

The potential to fail in business counted as risk. The risk for RPCAS if might not go according to Plan A is only applying Plan B. Sobobanyu development will be rescheduled. Work and work again. That’s it! More resources that has been given and may be almost exhausted, imagination and creativity have stuck but signs of support has not been like expected or say even it zero support but if it keep struggled it’s definitely because of the driven of conviction. And sincere intention.

Actually the 10 parties had joined if counted since Fundraising Program (Petaru and KNIH) opened unofficially, very outrageous if already have 10 contributors still say not sure? Visit Contributor of Petaru.

The uncertainty could cause complications of Parkinson-heart disease. Heart and hands moving unstopping. The highest level will lose hope. The losing of hope will only refine the uncertainty. This means there is no reason aside from should be confident with what we are doing! So simple, right!

The uncertainty gives chance for people to review plans and action because the purpose of the uncertainty actually to accomplish the final goal.

By sharing the anxiety and experience with open heart and honest through the my writings, actually for self-learning but if you can get the fruit then your endorsement will flow on the good intention everywhere. It doesn’t always have to be into our program. I prefer the soft ways and indirectly to build understanding. We will definitely meet on a subsets in the groups who want to build life.

The world is divided into two groups; insulting and respecting the life. Please close according your preferences. How many stages of life have been successfully passed will be the reference of current preferences anyone. If the phase has been liking ‘babies learning to eat solid food’ then no wondering the illegal money you have been pursuing. Stages increased slightly to the ‘babies are learning to walk’ but remain affixed about the nature of sly, greedy, spiteful and heritage of ancient in self. Stage of maturity would be able to respect the life.

All 99% selling book until this second from Jakarta and it’s results all to Temanggung. Amazingly! Don’t tell us the son of soil had no sense although it may develop in your mind. Because they can nag, “We indeed have no sense because our preference is different!” Welll…! I did not much expect to financial supporting from Temanggung, hoping, not sales the mountain I have been very pleased.

The response has not yet to match the expectations is an uncertainty. We’re not too discouraged, because all of has it’s statistics. Read also “Till To Bhutan: Sobobanyu Development Of The Soul”.

When you open a good regard then bad regard will come up at once through the various challenges from the party which who is not have one vision with you, like the beauty of Sindoro Sumbing increasingly exposed at once will invite more and more ignorant hands. This will be our shared risk!

We united by the same interests because we have the same cause? Is it?

When you did get a look a future in the eyes of the children (mountain) which is not related biological things directly or indirectly, the meaning is your personal affairs can be overrode by yourself, the any sustainable mountain become very easy to talk about.

Actually, I did keep the long-term of reliability if you are supporter of prosperity, can be have by future generations. Our biological children, our nephew are inside it! If we have only a couple of bread and five corn while we will leave this world, I don’t believe you eat all overnight except still learning to eat solid food!

In my book again, I taught my son that he is more loyal to the real mother. Mud, rain, clouds, cool air, rocks, water, breath, and all the difficulties of life: nature along with the dynamics that affect human life is his mother’s the most sublime. I am just a biological mother who had the time and space that is very very limited compared to the incredible power of nature. I just hope someday, our sons will be taught how to eat and walk with the right way in order are able to escape from hereditary characters of the ancient man.

For some parties who had joined, thank you so much! About the names, we have not yet to announce it now, may be wanting to collect its in a magical pocked. When it’s knot opened, the light papers scrap that falling down from the sky should be considered as water awaited from heaven. Touching the head there are only thankful greeting.

A stage of uncertainty should be celebrated in a fixed way. Read also “The Power of Heart (Its’ Tenth): Sobobanyu Development Of The Soul”.

We provide so many information about RPCAS in this site, including technical things, please start from Irrigation Program.

Please support The Development Plan of The Water Temple Sobobanyu: A Mount Irrigation System To Liberate The Soul! HELP ME TO HELP US. Gets engaged in Petaru Program or more bigger contribution in KNIH Program.

This is 5th Sobobanyu Article with long title “Sobobanyu Development of The Soul: Uncertainty”.



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